Bright Prospects for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

With the continuous tightening of exhaust emission standards, more and more people are beginning to come into contact with diesel exhaust fluid. Products and projects related to diesel exhaust fluid in the market have sprung up. Only by understanding relevant knowledge in time can we better grasp market trends...

One Big Growth Room for the Honeycomb Ceramic Market

Overseas giants have long monopolized the core technology and product market of automobile exhaust gas purification treatment, which have enjoyed the dividend of the rapid development of the automobile industry. As Chinese companies continue to break through the technical barriers of the high-end market, as we...

China's PTFE Production Ranks First, With Defects in the High-End Market

TFE has the characteristics of good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, self-lubricating, low friction coefficient, and good biological stability due to the special structure of its molecular chain, used in automobile transportation, chemical equipment, electronic communications, aerospace, and food p...

The Market for Water Reducing Agents Is Broad, Good for the Industry Leader

Concrete admixtures, which are substances added before or during the mixing of concrete, can significantly improve the performance of freshly mixed concrete and hardened concrete. Concrete admixtures belong to the frontier and intersecting fields of building materials, macromolecule chemistry, and surfactant.

The Artificial Turf Market Is Promising

Artificial lawn is a chemical product that makes imitation grass silk from synthetic resin such as PE and PP, weaves it on the bottom cloth through professional equipment, and coats the back with fixed coating to make it have natural grass properties.

Downstream of Blower Expands, and Market Growth and Industry Upgrade Are Expected

Fan is a habitual abbreviation for gas compression and gas transportation machinery. It relies on the input mechanical energy to increase the gas pressure and discharge the gas. Generally speaking, the fan includes a ventilator, blower, and compressor.

The Quartz Industry Is Booming

Quartz is the main mineral component of silica ore and one of the main rock-forming minerals. It has stable physical and chemical properties and many excellent properties.

The Consumption of Dairy Products Is Expected to Grow, And the Industry Structure Will Be Further Concentrated

Dairy products are all kinds of liquid or solid food made by heating, drying, freezing, or fermenting with fresh cow, goat milk and its products as the main raw materials. Dairy products, one of the national consumer goods in China, contain all 8 essential amino acids for the human body.

Aluminum Industry II

The low alumina price and the regional transfer of low-cost power are expected to reduce the production cost of electrolytic aluminum companies and realize the sustainability of electrolytic aluminum enterprises' profitability.

Aluminum Industry I

Al is a silver-white metal, the third most abundant in the earth's crust after oxygen and silicon. Aluminum has a low density, is called light metal, and is the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust.

The Cornerstone of Autonomous Driving Perception: Lidar

For the choice of automatic driving sensors, there are currently two different paths in the market. One is composed of the camera leading with low-cost components such as millimeter-wave radar; The other is led by the LIDAR, with the camera millimeter-wave radar and other components.

The Domestic LNG Tanking Industry Is Emerging with High Development Certainty

Although the current development situation is difficult, with the continuous improvement of the legal and regulatory system and the continuous update of the industry development model, LNG tank containers are expected to break through the bottleneck and establish a sound market mechanism. Besides, how far the ...

Optimistic about CDMO

With the increasing difficulty of drug research and development, the extension of the research and development cycle, and the decline of the return on investment, CDMO has gradually become the optimal solution for the research and development of pharmaceutical companies. Driven by cost, efficiency, innovation,...

Global Wind Power Continues to Rise, And It Is Time to Replace Foreign Wind Power Bearings

In general, wind power meets the requirements of human sustainable development, with distinctive characteristics of the times and trends. With the rapid development of the global wind power industry, the related parts market has also risen. As one of the core components of the wind power field, the bearing wil...

The Outside Has Been Optimistic About the Aerogel Market, And Domestic Companies Are Becoming Increasingly Powerful

Silica aerogel is a porous solid material whose dispersion medium is gas. It is the lightest solid material currently used in engineering. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, the thickness of aerogel materials is one-half to one-fifth of traditional thermal insulation materials under the sa...

The Global UPS Market Is Growing Steadily, But the Development of Local Companies Is Not Stable

UPS intelligence includes automatic identification and control of system operating status, system fault self-diagnosis, automatic battery detection and management, intelligent internal information detection and display, etc., which are mainly realized through system control software. With the development of co...

With the Continuous Growth of the Global FPC Market, The Output Value of China's FPC Is Different from the Actual Output Value

Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles are equipped with more electronic devices, and the vehicle functions are more abundant. In the context of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the degree of intelligence of vehicles is increasing. Lighting systems, display systems, power systems,...

Foreign ADAS Products Are Not Satisfied and Domestic ADAS Is Expected to Emerge Suddenly

People's expectations for car driving are rising, which drives the rapid development of the ADAS industry. As overseas ADAS shows certain geographical limitations, domestic ADAS is expected to emerge suddenly. Although the autonomous driving technology is not mature at this stage, breakthroughs in informatizat...

Sanitation Industry II: Marketization of Sanitation Services Is Deepened, And Intelligent Sanitation Systems Build A Moat

With the development of China's social economy and the increasing living standards of the people, the output of domestic waste per capita will also continue to increase, driving the increase in environmental sanitation requirements in terms of garbage collection, cleaning, and transportation.

Sanitation Industry I: New Energy Sanitation Vehicles Usher in A Good Opportunity for Development

Environmental sanitation is a topic that will never be avoided in the development of human society. The role of the sanitation industry is highlighted in the increasingly serious environmental protection problems.

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