Solid-State Batteries I

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries are ones that use solid electrodes and electrolytes.

The Electrolyte Solvent Market Is Expected to Grow

Lithium battery solvent technology is difficult, new entrants lack research and development capabilities, downstream electrolyte customers have long verification cycles and repeated tests. These two constraints make it difficult for new entrants to solve process and certification problems in a short time. The ...

Connectors: Small Devices Connect to the Future

A connector is a functional element that connects, disconnects, or converts a circuit or optical channel with the help of electrical or optical signals and mechanical force. As a node, the connector connects electrical systems, equipment, independent units, printed circuit boards, electronic devices, independe...

The Rising Price of Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide has a strong demand in the cosmetics industry due to its good brightness and ultraviolet absorbing characteristics, which has become the main driving force for the growth of the titanium dioxide market.

The General Aviation Market Is Vast, And the Development of the Airport Equipment Industry Can Be Expected

Airport ground equipment is an important support for the aviation industry, mainly referring to IATA. The entry barriers are high and the core technology of high-end airport ground equipment was once mastered by companies in developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Dissolving Pulp Market Is Picking Up, And Industry Supply and Demand Are Tightening

Dissolving pulp is a special chemical pulp composed of high-purity cellulose, which does not require high fiber morphology and pulp strength.

Gallium Nitride Rises Again, Opportunities and Challenges Coexist

Encouraged by the news that the entire industry is about to enter the national strategic plan, the third-generation semiconductor technology has once again become an Internet celebrity. Gallium nitride has received attention again because of its performance in the 5G and power markets.

Silicon Carbide Has Broad Prospects

The third-generation semiconductors represented by Silicon Carbide have superior performance such as high frequency, high efficiency, high power, high-pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, and strong radiation resistance, which are in line with major national strategies such as energy-saving and em...

Lithium Iron Phosphate Regains Confidence, And the Industry Structure Is Gradually Optimized

LFP material is the earliest power battery technology route adopted in the development of new energy vehicles in China. Its main advantages are abundant raw material resources, low cost, battery safety, and good cycle performance, while its main disadvantage is low battery specific energy.

The BOPET Market Is Vast, But the High-End Sector Is Still Insufficient

Polyester film is a film made of high-quality polyester chips as the main raw material, using advanced technological formulas, drying, melting, extruding, casting, and stretching.

Automobile Intelligence Calls HUD

HUD is a head-up display, derived from aviation technology, which can project car-related information in front of the driver's line of sight, thereby reducing the frequency of looking down at the instrument or central control screen during driving. So, its main function is to project key driving information on...

Biodiesel II: Turn Waste into Treasure, and Improve the Industrial System

In the course of the development of the biodiesel industry, independent R&D and innovation have been leading the steady progress of China's biodiesel industry.

Biodiesel I: It Adapts to Trend and All Countries Work Together

Biodiesel is a fatty acid methyl or ethyl ester fuel oil, which does not increase carbon dioxide emissions and can effectively reduce emissions of diesel exhaust pollutants.

Air Separation Equipment Is Promising

The air separation equipment utilizes the different physical properties of the components in the air, and uses deep freezing, pressure swing adsorption, membrane separation and other methods to liquefy and rectify the air.

Medical Cosmetology II: Beauty Creates Blue Ocean

The total global medical aesthetic treatment volume is relatively stable.

Medical Cosmetology I: It Complies with the Demand of People, With Unlimited Market Potential

Everyone has the love of beauty. No matter how the economy develops, the rigid need of human beings to love beauty has never changed, but the manifestation of the economy of beauty in different eras is constantly changing.

The Main Growth Driver of Polyester Industrial Yarn: Automotive Yarn

The concentration of the global polyester industrial yarn industry continues to increase. Data shows that the industry's top ten production capacity has increased from 64.1% in 2014 to 70.3% in 2018. Among the world's top ten polyester industrial yarn production enterprises, 6 enterprises from mainland China.

The Cooling Fan Industry Has Expanded for the Upgrade of "China VI" Vehicle Emission Standards

As the emission standards become more stringent, there will be less and less room for technological improvement in important aspects of emission reduction such as engine combustion and exhaust gas purification. This will enable vehicle manufacturers to study the possibility of emission reduction in other aspec...

Catalytic Converter Is Installed, Good for Exhaust Catalytic Materials

The gradual deepening of the National Sixth Standard will promote the further upgrade of the fuel vehicle exhaust catalytic system, which will set off a wave in the relevant exhaust catalytic material market.

The Automotive Diagnostic System Market Is Booming

With the continuous improvement of automotive electronics and intelligence, automotive diagnosis has become more important.

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