The Packaging Equipment Industry Is Improving for a Long Time

Packaging machinery and equipment can be divided into four types. Forming machinery and equipment that provide packaging, such as carton machines, blow molding machines, carton machines and paper bag machines, etc.; packaging equipment such as filling machines in the beverage industry, Sealing machines, carton...

Domestic and International Double Promotion, Domestic High-Speed Rail Brake Pads Are in Strong Demand

The high-speed rail brake pad is a kind of friction material, and the vehicle decelerates through the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc. High-speed rail brake pads are an indispensable component of high-speed rail and have regular replacement requirements. Therefore, the existing high-speed rai...

Inside the Growing Global Chip Shortage

The world as we know itis heavily reliant on electronic devices. In your morning routine alone, you'llprobably use your smartphone, your TV, your fridge, your coffee machine, yourcar, and even your electric toothbrush. All of these things r

Antithrombotic Drugs Have Huge Market Potential

A thrombus is a small piece of blood that forms on the inner surface of the blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. Once this small piece falls off, it will flow with the blood and squeeze the internal space of the blood vessel, which may cause partial or complete blockage of the blood vessel, leading to b...

Integrated Stove with Great Market Potential

The integrated stove is based on the principle of micro-aerodynamics, and uses the lower exhaust air to generate a fluid negative pressure zone, so as to achieve the effect of sending off the oil fume. The oil smoke absorption rate of the integrated stove can reach over 95%.

Cellulose Ether: The Upstream Raw Materials Have a Big Impact, And the Downstream Market Continues to Grow

Cellulose ether is a kind of natural polymer-derived material, which has the characteristics of emulsification and suspension. Among the many types, HPMC is the one with the highest yield and the most widely used, and its output is increasing rapidly.

Cellulose Ether: The Upstream Raw Materials Have a Big Impact, And the Downstream Market Continues to Grow

Cellulose ether is a kind of natural polymer-derived material, which has the characteristics of emulsification and suspension. Among the many types, HPMC is the one with the highest yield and the most widely used, and its output is increasing rapidly.

The Carbon Trading Market Continues to Advance, And Independent Carbon Verification Agencies Are Expected to Benefit

The issue of global carbon emissions has received unanimous attention from all countries. Carbon neutrality has become a hot topic in policy documents. In general, carbon neutrality has three main directions. The first is to increase vegetation and restore water and soil to increase the intensity of carbon dio...

Carbon Capture Technology Is Worth Looking Forward to, But It Will Take Time for Large-Scale Applications

Reducing carbon emissions is very urgent on a global scale. Therefore, many countries have issued a series of documents to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development.

The Ceramic Tile Industry Is Expected to Upgrade and Increase Concentration

The ceramic tile is a kind of porcelain decoration material resistant to acid and alkali, which is made of clay, quartz sand and other blanks after compression and high temperature firing. It is resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, and non-flammable. It is a traditional decorative building material that is v...

The Excavator Industry Is Booming, And the Competitiveness of Domestic Brands Is Strengthened

An excavator is a shovel that uses a bucket to excavate materials on the top or top of a haul truck, and then load it into a transport vehicle or unload it in a yard. The excavated objects are mainly soil, coal and silt and loose rocks. From the perspective of the development of construction machinery in recen...

The Domestic Demand for Forklifts Is Strong, And the General Trend of Electric Forklifts

Forklifts are a type of industrial loading and unloading equipment, which refers to various wheeled vehicles used to load and unload pallet products. It is widely used in ports, stations, airports, factory workshops, warehouses and other fields. It is the basic equipment for pallet and container transportation...

BIPV Is Widely Used and the Market Prospect Is Bright

At present, global resources are in desperate situation. Solar energy, as a renewable and green treasure energy, has become a new driving force for the development of countries around the world.

House Renovation Ushers in the Tide, And Waterproof Materials Increase

The quality of the built environment directly affects the quality of people's lives and work. With the continuous improvement of the social system and the living standards, people have increasingly diversified housing choices and consumers have higher and higher requirements for housing quality. The living env...

Smart Watches Are Rich in Functions, And Health Monitoring Is the Primary Consideration

With the improvement of people's living standards and the convenience brought by technology, people put forward higher requirements for the convenience and intelligence of electronic products. Wearable devices have achieved rapid growth under the stimulus of both technology and demand.

Industrial Control Has Broad Prospects and Many Opportunities

Industrial automation control is abbreviated as industrial control, which mainly uses electrical means, machinery and software combinations to automate and efficiently control the manufacturing process and factory production.

The Continuously Rising Demand for Modified Plastics

Modified plastics refer to plastics that are processed and modified on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics to make them have more superior properties such as flame retardancy, impact resistance, high toughness, and ease of processing.

Good Prospects for Automotive ECU Integration

By growing acceptance of advanced safety systems and assisted driver assistance functions, features such as blind spot detection, and automatic emergency braking at lower costs are expected to drive the growth of the automotive ECU market.

Unsaturated Polyester Resin with Wide Application

Unsaturated polyester resin has the advantages of heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, electrical insulation and excellent process performance, so it is often used as the matrix material of composite materials and is widely used in transportation, basic engineering, build...

The Trend of Intelligence Is Unstoppable, And the Controller Has Unlimited Prospects

Intelligent controller is the most advanced form of controller at this stage. It takes microcontroller chip or digital signal processor chip as the core, containing integrated computer software, circuit hardware, and integrates automatic control.

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