The Interior Trim Industry Has Become A New Competitive Battlefield When the Automotive Industry Is Undergoing Changes

Automotive interior trims mainly include cockpits, seats, and dashboards, and door inner guards, and armrest boxes, and others. Interior products often have attributes such as decoration, functionality, and safety, whose quality is directly related to the comfort of the car.

Owning Independent IGBT Technology Is the First Step to Complete the New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain

The motor controller to control the driving motor of an electric vehicle is the control center of the power system of a new energy vehicle, which is also an important signal and energy transfer component for new energy vehicles. It can not only receive information from the vehicle controller and related compon...

How Can Drive Motor Companies Stabilize Their Pace When Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Are Developing Rapidly?

The drive motor system is one of the core systems of new energy vehicles, which determines the main performance indicators of the vehicle such as climbing ability, acceleration ability, and maximum vehicle speed, mainly composed of a motor and its controller.

The Potential of Dismantling and Recycling Is Huge While Echelon Utilization of EV Batteries Is Controversial

In the future, the construction and improvement of EV battery recycling system in china will also require the participation of multiple market players to work together and fulfill their responsibilities.

A Separator, A Blue Ocean

The performance of the separator determines the interface structure and internal resistance of the battery, which directly affects the characteristics of the battery's capacity, cycle and safety performance. The excellent performance of the separator plays an important role in improving the overall performance...

The Electrolyte Market Is Improving Steadily

The electrolyte plays the role of electron conduction between the two stages of the battery, accounting for 5%-6% of the cost of the lithium battery, which generally is composed of high-purity organic solvents, electrolyte potassium salts and necessary additives.

The Trend of High Nickel Is Obvious When Cathode Material Supplements Shortboard

In the industrialization path of ternary cathode materials ranges from NCM111, NCM523, NCM622 to NCM811, the trend of increasing nickel and reducing cobalt is obvious, where the current commercial application of NCM811 has matured.

How Can Enterprises Survive in the Fierce Market Competition of the EV Batteries?

Benefiting from the rapid growth of sales in the new energy vehicle industry, the shipments of EV batteries are rising.

EVE Rubber Is Expected to Promote the Iterative Upgrade of the Rubber Industry in the Steady Tire Industry

The tire industry has absorbed vast demand for the increasing number of automobiles, whose half cost is occupied by the rubber. At present, the consumption of the domestic market is the biggest one with the self-sufficient rate of the nature of just 20%. To settle the problem of the unbalance between the suppl...

Ultrafast Laser Market Is Worth Looking Forward to in the Increasing and Stable Laser Industry

Ultrafast lasers have unique ultra-short pulses and ultra-strong characteristics, which can focus on ultra-fine spatial regions and obtain high peak light intensity with low pulse energy. Unlike traditional long-pulse lasers and continuous lasers, ultrafast lasers have ultrashort laser pulses, which makes the ...

The Pattern of Thermal Management System Has Changed with the Reopened Field of Battery Thermal Management

The giants have been cultivating in this field for many years and have accumulated very rich technical experience. In the new energy tide, the air-conditioning system can be updated on the original technical plan because of less technical updates, smoothly shift its advantages. But in the field of battery ther...

New Energy Vehicles Are the Main Growth Point of High-Performance NdFeB

NdFeB magnet material is the third-generation rare earth material based on the intermetallic compound Nd2Fe14B, whose main components are rare earth elements iron, neodymium, and boron. Under the appropriate temperature, humidity and no strong external magnetic field, radiation and other factors that affect th...

Graphite Is Still the Mainstream of Anode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries Brought by the New Electric Vehicles

From early lead-acid batteries to nickel-chromium batteries then to lithium-ion batteries, there have been many iterations for battery technology. Compared with other types of batteries, lithium-ion batteries rely on their excellent comprehensive performance to quickly penetrate almost all downstream applicati...

TOF Lens Is Regarded as the First Step to Build an AR Ecosystem

Since Apple released the iPhone X unlocked with 3D structured light in 2017, 3D Sensing has finally entered our lives. Compared with the traditional camera, the 3D Sensing camera can obtain the depth information of the subject, that is, the three-dimensional position and size information, which is usually comp...

CNT Conductive Agent VS Traditional Conductive Agent

Lithium batteries are a type of chemical batteries that rely on lithium ions to shuttle between positive and negative electrodes to achieve the purpose of charging and discharging. Due to their advantages of high energy density, high operating voltage, and long life, they have been widely used New energy vehic...

The Submarine Cable Market Rises as the Industry Development of Offshore Power Accelerates

Wind power generation is one of the most mature technologies, the most large-scale development conditions, and the best commercial development prospects in the field of renewable energy. The global wind energy is about 2.74×10^9MW, of which the available wind energy is 2×10^7MW. Under the existing wind power...

Who Is the Most Important Player of Degradable Plastics?

Plastic waste poses serious threats and challenges to the global ecological environment. Among the plastics currently discarded worldwide each year around the world, the most is plastic packaging, accounting for 36%, most of which are disposable plastics, thrown away after just one use. 

The Domestic Database Market Has Great Potential

The database is a warehouse to organize, store, and manage data according to the data structure, an essential core technology for enterprise IT systems, which is listed as the world's three basic software technologies with middleware and operating systems.

Who Is That Role to Resolve the Contradiction Between Supply and Demand of Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is a nutrient necessary for normal calcification of bones in humans and animals, which is converted into an active form, 1,25-dihydroxyl, in order to play a physiological role, not directly working. It is widely used in feed additives, nutrition and health products, and medicine.

Who Has the Greatest Potential in The BDS Industrial Chain?

On June 14, the last satellite of China Beidou-3 Global Satellite Navigation System was ready. The Long March 3B carrier rocket that had launched the launch mission has completed all the test work before launch and will be launched soon. Since then, the Beidou-3 navigation system will enter the era of gl...

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