Massage Chairs Driven by Both the Elderly and the Young Temporarily Have A Low Penetration Rate

With the progress of society and the growth of the national economy, the awareness of health care has been continuously strengthened, in which the investment in self-maintenance has been increasing. Massagers are one of the sectors that have benefited and developed well in recent years.

The Market Demand for Rehabilitation Medical Equipment Is Released

Rehabilitation medicine, preventive medicine, health medicine, and clinical medicine are collectively referred to as the "Four Major Medicines". Rehabilitation medicine is a discipline to eliminate and reduce human dysfunction, makeup and rebuild human dysfunction, and try to improve all aspects of human funct...

High Technical Requirements, Large-Scale Demand, and Wide Domestic Substitute Space in High-Value Medical Consumables for Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a branch of surgery, which is based on surgery as the main treatment method, applying unique neurosurgery scientific research methods to study the human nervous system, some related parts, such as skull and scalp, and certain genetic metabolic disorders or dysfunction diseases, which explores n...

Cardio and Cerebral Vascular Interventional Devices in China Started Late with A Large Pace

Data show that in 2017, the global death toll was 55 million, of which 17.7 million died of CVD, accounting for as much as 38%, of which 75% came from low- and middle-income countries. In China, the death rate of CVD ranks first, higher than that of tumors and other diseases, accounting for more than 40% of th...

Domestic Medical Imaging Is Aimed at the Grassroots Market, Which Is Good for Domestic Brands Based on Grassroots

Medical imaging refers to the application of various physical signals, including visible light, X-rays, ultrasound, strong magnetic field excitation to the human body for diagnosis or treatment guidance, recording the signal strength distribution fed back by the human body, forming an image provided for the do...

The Development of the IVD Industry Are Optimistic, With Molecular Diagnostics and POCT Equipment Taking the Leading Position

IVD, an important indicator of medical technology development, is a prerequisite for diagnosis and treatment and. IVD is a product and service that uses clinical information obtained by testing human specimens outside the human body to determine body functions and diseases

The Medical Device Market Is Large, While the Domestic Import Substitution Space Is Greater

From the perspective of the global medical device segmentation, IVD is the largest sub-sector of the global medical device industry, accounting for 15% of the total market, followed by cardiovascular-related devices accounting for 14%, and medical imaging devices rank third. In China, imaging, IVD, and low-val...

The Equipment Leasing Industry Is Optimistic and The Construction Machinery Leasing Market Worth Looking Forward to

The development of construction machinery equipment leasing is of very significance for the enrichment of the construction machinery industry, the improvement of the risk-sharing mechanism, and the economical use of resources. Although the overall development of the construction machinery equipment rental mark...

Financial Leasing and Environmental Protection Industry Promote Each Other

Leasehold and cash flow are the key to financial leasing. And energy conservation and environmental protection is a capital-intensive industry with sufficient leased items. At the same time, projects generally have stable and predictable cash flows, which are highly compatible with the financial leasing model....

The Auto Market Shifts to the Sinking Market, Which Is Good for Auto Financing Lease

Compared with first- and second-tier cities, the potential of car consumption in third-tier cities and above is becoming more prominent. The sinking market has a low degree of exploitation, with a strong demand waiting to be released. Therefore, sinking the market has become the key development direction of th...

Distributed Photovoltaic Has Once Again Appeared, Can It Be Successfully Integrated with Financial Leasing?

Photovoltaics are divided into grid-connected and independent types. The grid-connected type has the characteristics of low cost and environmental protection, which is becoming the mainstream of the photovoltaic industry and divided into ground power stations and distributed photovoltaics. The domestic solar m...

Financial Leasing Fills the Gap in the Industry and Continues to Usher in Development Opportunities

Small and medium enterprises are the new force of national economic and social development and an important role in expanding employment, improving our livelihood, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. However, it is difficult to obtain loans from banks for most SMEs and other high-quality customer re...

Photovoltaic VII: Due to Silicon Material Expansion and Battery Reform, Equipment Must Equipment Will Benefit A Lot

Photovoltaic equipment is the core link in the efficiency improvement of the photovoltaic industry,and the photovoltaic industry chain can be divided into the preparation of upstream crystalline silicon raw materials, the manufacture of silicon rods/wafers, the manufacturing of cells and modules in the middle ...

Photovoltaic VI: The Decreased Market Concentration of Inverters Is Expected to Increase. Who Is the Real Strong?

As a renewable and green new energy source, solar energy has become a new driving force for the development of countries all over the world.

Photovoltaic V: The Reform of HIT Battery Is Good for Low Temperature Silver Paste

With the increase in the penetration rate of photovoltaic power generation, the price reduction of the industry chain has brought about a decline in installed costs, expansion of parity areas, and an increase in the scale of the photovoltaic industry, which drives the demand for photovoltaic silver paste.

5G Brings the Upgrade of Antenna and Greater Market for LCP

After the launchof 5G mobile phones by major brands, Apple seems to be inactive. The iPhone 11series launched at the fall of 2019 is still a 4G series. In fact, Apple is likely tobe waiting for the peak of the cellphone replacement. In the

Photovoltaics IV: The Concentration of EVA Industry Is Expected to Increase

However, it cannot be ignored that other materials, except for the solar cells, also occupy a considerable position as there are relatively few technological changes and the small cost reduction in auxiliary materials. The position of the auxiliary materials in the component is constantly improving.

Photovoltaic III: Solar Cells

Driven by the huge potential of the international photovoltaic market, solar cell manufacturing industries in various countries are vying to invest heavily in expanding production to compete for a place.

Photovoltaic II: 182mm or 210mm, Which One?

The battle over the size of silicon wafers began five years ago.

Photovoltaic I: Polycrystalline Silicon

The photovoltaic industry chain is long and complex. The upstream is the link of silicon materials and wafers; the middle is the link of solar cells and battery modules; the downstream is the link of application systems.

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