Ethylene Carbonate Industry is Accelerating with the Booming of Electric Passenger Car

Ethylene carbonate (EC) is currently in tight supply and the price has risen sharply. On the 23rd of May, it rose another $150/ton. The current price is around $3,300 per ton, up about $2,000 from the same period last year.

Economic Animal Vaccine Market in China Will Grow with the Development of Large-scale Farming

A few months ago, African swine fever was confirmed in South Korea, marking that this devastating epidemic is still raging in Asia. In the past few months, the aquaculture industry has suffered severe economic losses and consumers’ concerns about food safety have intensified.

Smart Watch Positioning in High-end Market, Complete "Independent" is Difficult to Achieve

With true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds being a trend, many people are considering replacing smart phones with smart wearable devices (TWS earbuds + smart watches). In fact, smartphones are no longer purely functional machines. 

Nut Industry in China is Developing Steadily

Ithas been more than 4 years since Wolong’s fist product Daily Nuts went onmarket. This product has not only become a marketing paradigm for the nutindustry, but also opened a new era of mixed nuts. With the promotion of thenut consumptio

You are Driving the Growth of Digital Reading At This Moment

Digital reading has become the main approach to acquire knowledge, culture, and wisdom for people, which offers a fantastic environment for nationwide reading. 

Chinese Waste Classification: Plastic Trash Can Industry and Its Upstream Industries

Withthe implementation of the Shanghai Municipal Waste Management Regulations onJuly 1, the market demand for trash cans has been blown out. The subject matterof classified garbage bins of Shanghai Pudong Airport is at a value of about 2mil

The Internet of Vehicle Rises Strongly

When encountering 5G and AI, the car industry will be reformed revolutionarily, which has attracted the attention of the public.

Smart Medicine Sets Sail

It will bring a sharp increase in the medical needsof the deepening of the aging population in China. Also, the prevalence ofchronic diseases has increased, expanding the demand for medical resources withthe inevitable growth of the urbaniz

The Domestic Lead-acid leader Expands Lithium Electricity Market

With the continuous follow-up of the regenerated lead, the proportion of the its business may gradually rise and the lithium battery business is also expected to benefit from the increased penetration of the 48V electrical system.

The 5G Small Base Station with Huge Potential

The base station goes ahead before the other with the development of 5G. The construction of 5G base stations, a basis for 5G commercial signal coverage, is the first step of the 5G industrial layout.

5G Micro Base Station Drives Smart Lamppost

As a new wireless of 5G with a revolutionary property, it will establish a new mobile communication network and offer the service to smart cities in the future. In the construction of a smart city, the layout of 5G equipment, as the transmission channel of the Internet of things, is more appropriate to be arra...

Domestic Methionine Suppliers Grow up

The improvement of people's material living standard and the change of consumption concept make the global methionine market grow steadily.

UHV Shows an Accelerated Layout

The rich photovoltaic resources and solar energy in the northwest are difficult to be transported to all parts of the country by railway, so it is high time to find other ways to transport resources to meet our demand. The introduction of UHV ...

A Global Connection: Data Center

At this time, huge information enters data centers to be centralized and saved, which puts forward higher requirements for existing data center facilities. We believe the construction of the deeper data centers has become inevitable.

Charging Pile of New Energy Vehicle Turns Towards the Center of the Stage

With the improvement of our lives and the gradualmotorization of the way of travel, the number of private cars has increasedover the years. Because the traditional automobile uses oil as fuel, it notonly wastes a lot of precious resources b

Intelligent Transportation is Imperativ

In 2019, the holding scale of private cars in China exceeds 200 million, which will continue to grow in the future. It is urgent to optimize traffic management.

AI is Moving Forward

The epidemic is a challenge even an opportunity forAI, which plays a significant role in the fight against COVID-19 to disinfect,delivery, and stand guard at the highway at the front, decreasing the risk ofthe medical staff infected、

One of New Infrastructures:5G

5G refers to the fifth generation of mobilecommunication technology, which is an extension of 4G. It is hundreds of times faster than 4G intransmission speed, reaching 10Gb/s, equivalent to the download speed of 1.25Gb/s.5G is a fusion body

Market Scale with Huge Potential from $28 Million to $257 Million

In 1975, Bartlett, from the University of MichiganSchool of Medicine, cured an infant successfully with persistent fetalcirculation in ECMO. Until the 1980s, ECMO was considered into the constructionof ICU. Under this epidemic. ECMO has sav

Online Office Industry with Strong Development under the Epidemic

Long Silent Online Office has Growing In the early 1980s, many foreign scholars developed many efficient and convenient software and hardware equipment for the OA system under the deep research on OA system-related fields. In the late 1980s

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