Adhesive Industry Has Vast Room for Growth

Adhesive refers to a material that has good adhesive properties and can form a film between two objects and firmly bond them together, which is generally composed of bonding substances, curing agents, and thinners, and modifiers.

MLCC Growth Space Has Been Released, Offering Numerous Opportunities

It is reported that the global MLCC market size in 2018 was 10.5 billion USD, most of which it is occupied by the top ten companies in the industry with less than 20 manufacturers of MLCCs in the world, and half of them are located in Chin, with few market share of less than 4 percent.

Semiconductor Testing Equipment Continues to Grow Up

Semiconductor testing runs through the entire process of semiconductor production, starting from the stages of IC design and IC manufacturing process to the end of the performance testing of the chip. 

Those Three Factories Drive the Thermal Power Industry

In 2019, thermal power accounted for about 59.2% of domestic installed power capacity.

The Non-Constant Velocity Shaft Leader That Pushes into the Constant Velocity Shaft Market

Both in the field of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, they cannot do without the role of the transmission shaft, which refers to a tubular shaft or a solid shaft with a universal joint and is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve, and a universal joint. 

A Broader EGR Market Appears Under the CN-6

The implementation time of the CN-6 is getting closer and closer, which will set off a wave of related stock markets. At present, the voice of the market is starting to be agitated, and how many opportunities does the National Six standard bring.

Electrification Accelerates in Europe, Driving Global New Energy Vehicle Industry

In the long run, the development of new energy vehicles in Europe is bound to drive the growth of the global chain and market of new energy vehicle industry.

Lithium Battery of Electric Bicycle Is Expected to Be Promising

Recently, when foreign epidemics have not been effectively controlled, many countries have issued an unblocking order. Foreign governments and the public have shifted their travel methods towards bicycles. 

The Stock Market Driven by The Street-stall Economy

The global damage caused by the epidemic is incalculable. The epidemic disrupted the industrial chain, enterprises could not start work, workers had no income or even employment.

It Will be A Focus of Domestic New Medical Dressings of the Local Market

Medical dressing mainly provides an aseptic and isolated environment for wound, to prevent the spread of infection source between medical staff and patients, between patients and patients during invasive surgery, and to effectively control cross-infection in hospital, which is an essential material in the inva...

Further Development of Health Products Industry

With the improvement of living standards of the public to further promote the quality of material life and have a higher ability to pay attention to the health of themselves and their families, how to keep in good health has become the topic of most people's communication.

Ventilator Industry in China Meets a Rare Opportunity

Ventilator has become an indispensable medical device, which caneffectively replace artificial ventilation in respiratory failure, anesthesia,and emergency resuscitation of the respiratory tract. And it also canprevent respiratory failure

The Clinical Waste Management Is A Long-Term Topic

With the improvement of the medical technology and the life rhythm of the public, as well as the inherent property of the medical industry, the utilization rate of the disposable medical products has greatly increased, resulting in more pressure for the management of clinical waste, which has become a major so...

The Development of the Domestic Medical Equipment After the Epidemic

It is a common phenomenon for medical devices to enter ordinary people's homes, which had some simple medical devices that are convenient and practical, especially for families with chronic diseases as early as many years ago, such as thermometers, stethoscopes, and sphygmomanometers. 

Supportive Policies Will be a new Engine for the Seismic Reduction and Isolation Industry

Earthquake disaster is a serious threat to our lives and property safety, China has been deeply affected by the earthquake disaster.

A Break Point of Animal Vaccine

The global demand for animal vaccine has been expanding in recent years due to some factors of the way of animal feeding, the condition of infection and the increasingly updated vaccine...

Domestic ESG Industry with Huge Potential

Electronic special gas belongs to a branch of industrial gas, which is divided into special gas and ordinary gas. 

Domestic Track Equipment Industry Ushers in A New Opportunity

Track equipment is an indispensable processing part of chip making, which realizes the transmission and processing of wafer between various systems by the manipulator to cooperate with the lithography mach...

Domestic EDA Industry Waiting to be Booming

EDA, located at the top of the pyramid of chip industry, is the most high-end industry of IC design, which is known as the “mother of electronic industry”. 

Opportunities and Challenges of IC Design Industry in China Under the Ban By the US

It is an urgent task to improve the level of national chips and relevant technology.

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