Biosensing Market Growth Is Expected to Be Driven by Wearable Devices

As the population of chronic diseases continues to increase, real-time and convenient monitoring of the disease becomes particularly important. Therefore, biosensors capable of detecting molecular signals have emerged. Such sensors have gradually occupied the medical market by virtue of the advantages of fast ...

The Downstream Demand of the RFID Industry Is Strong

Data show that from 2014 to 2019, the global RFID market has continued to grow. In 2019, the global RFID market is close to US$40 billion.

The Mass Spectrometer Market Is Vast, And There Is Still A Lot of Room for Domestic Manufacturers to Increase

The mass spectrometer is a type of instrument that ionizes material particles into ions, separates them by an appropriate electric or magnetic field, and detects their strength for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Smart Warehousing Is Imperative

Smart warehousing aims to use software technology, Internet technology, and radio frequency identification, as well as advanced equipment to provide the overall intelligence of warehousing operations.

Cobalt Downstream Market Is Growing, And Industry Supply and Demand Are Tight

Cobalt is non-renewable and the reserves are relatively concentrated. In the context of market recovery and tight supply, cobalt prices have continued to rise in recent months. In the long run, the market demand for cobalt remains strong and the industry is expected to maintain steady growth.

The Strategic Value of Rare Earth Appears

Rare earth is the general term for 17 metal elements. As early as the end of the 18th century, there were many studies on rare earths abroad. It was not until the middle of the last century that scholars in the industry completed the entire development history of the 17 rare earth elements. Scientists agree th...

Automobile Braking System: Stop the Disaster and Move Towards Intelligence

The automobile brake system consists of a series of special devices that slow down or stop a driving car, or stabilize the speed of the car when it goes downhill, and keep the stopped car stable, providing an important guarantee for car driving safety.

The PVA Leaders Are Promising

With its unique properties such as strong adhesion, film flexibility, oil resistance, and solvent resistance, PVA is used in the production of adhesives, new building materials, and dispersants, with a wide range of applications, including the textile industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry, a...

The Domestic Progress of Photovoltaic Film Is Gratifying, And It Continues to Move Towards High-End Products

As a gift from the sun, solar photovoltaic power generation is a sustainable and clean energy source. Driven by the energy situation and technology, the global photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Adhesive film is a kind of packaging material for photovoltaic modules. It is placed betwe...

The Internet of Things Covers a Wide Range, And the APU Market Ushered in an Opportunity

APU is a very large-scale integrated circuit that expands audio and video functions and special interfaces on the basis of low-power central processing units. It plays a role in computing and calling other functional components in smart devices, and integrates central processing.

The Importance of Heat Dissipation Continues to Increase

With the advancement of science and technology and the transformation of people's consumption concepts, the public's requirements for electronic products are gradually becoming thinner, more fashionable, and more versatile.

The Battery Shell Market Is Expected to Increase, And Its Demand for Lightweight Is Urgent

The power battery system is the core energy source that provides power for new energy vehicles and is one of the most important components of new energy vehicles.

Power Battery Provides the Strongest Power for Battery PACK

Battery PACK is the core energy source of the battery. It provides electrical energy for the entire battery. It is also the core link connecting upstream and downstream.

Mini LED Gradually Realizes Commercialization

With the development of LED display technology, smaller pitch displays have become the future trend. Mini LED undertakes the characteristics of high efficiency, high reliability, high brightness, and fast response time of small-pitch LEDs, and has the advantages of brighter colors, higher definition, thinner v...

Anesthetics II

The industrial chain of the anesthetic drug industry is the upstream intermediate and raw material industries in turn, the midstream is the anesthetic drug manufacturer, and the downstream is the anesthetic drug sales organization.

The Steady Growth of the Anesthetics Market

The combined effect of various factors such as the stable growth of the national economy, the gradual improvement of the medical insurance system, and the increase in the number of operations has greatly promoted the market scale of auxiliary drugs.

Expansion of Soft Pack Battery

The shape of the soft pack power battery is different from that of a square hard shell or a cylindrical battery. The internal structure of the soft pack is to stack positive sheets, separators, and negative sheets in sequence, and wrap the outside with aluminum plastic film, weld the terminals of the positive ...

Market Demand for Filter Presses Has Risen

The filter press is a filter separator, which is widely used in various industries, including environmental protection, minerals and processing, chemistry, food, and medicine.

The Mixture of Construction and Technology

As one of the pillar industries of the national economy, the construction industry has always been a labor-intensive industry. China's construction industry maintained a good momentum of growth, and its share of GDP has remained above 20%.

The Prospect of Optical Film Is Broad, And the Process of Localization Is Speeding Up

Optical film is the preparation and plating of more than one layer of electrical film or metal film on optical components or independent substrates.

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