China is a Major Market for the Wedding Photography Industry, Dominated by Traditional Indoor Weddings

Wedding photography is a photography major that focuses on shooting events and activities related to weddings. Sometimes it also includes other types of portrait photography before the formal wedding, such as the engagement stage before the wedding (the photo is then used for the wedding invitation of the couple). On the official wedding day, the photographer will also provide portrait photography and documentary photography coverage to document different events and rituals on the wedding day.

There are three main types of wedding photography: First, traditional wedding photography, also known as classic photography, is the most popular category before the digital age, with a market share of 68.14% in 2019. This style focuses on taking photos of the new couple and the entire team, usually in classic poses, such as the photo of the couple and their entourage and their family, cutting cakes, toasting, and their first kiss. The second is photojournalistic wedding photography. Many beginners prefer this style. In 2019, the market share is 28.30%. The photographer uses a less formal way to tell the story of the day, similar to the shooting of reports and documentaries. This style not only pays attention to fast aiming, camera settings, framing and capture skills, but also requires a lot of creativity. The last type is artistic wedding photography, often mixed with other styles, usually involving creative framing, lighting, composition and post-production techniques. It does not involve any posture, although for photographers, in order to achieve their desired composition, they will slightly change the posture of the subject and the placement of objects, especially wedding items such as rings, bouquets and clothing. This style will greatly limit the results of the shooting, so it is usually not the preferred method for weddings, with a market share of only 3.56% in 2019.

According to the application field, there are different types of wedding photography indoors and outdoors. In the case of changeable weather, indoor weddings are the most ideal choice, with a market share of 64.01% in 2019. However, most indoor spaces do not have enough natural light, because most churches tend to be very dark under dim fluorescent lights, and some churches will illuminate the altar or near the altar with spotlights, which will produce uneven and dazzling light. Outdoor weddings are quite different, providing a unique atmosphere at any time. It is much better in terms of space availability. Photographers can take advantage of different elements such as background, lighting, and wind to increase the overall attractiveness of wedding photos.

Regional Distribution Status of Asia-Pacific Wedding Photography

In China, 13 million couples register for marriage each year, which is a huge market for wedding planners, photographers, hotels and other industries. Therefore, in the wedding photography industry, China is the largest revenue market in the Asia-Pacific region, with a market share of 51.03% in 2015 and 50.81% in 2020, a decrease of 0.22%.

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With the growth of the Indian economy, the advancement of technology and the development of modern enterprises, Indian families are not only willing to spend a lot of money on weddings as they have done in the past, but also spend more money on higher-quality photos and other aspects of the ceremony. The demand for wedding photography is growing. According to statistics, the Indian wedding market is a $30 billion industry, growing at a rate of 15% to 20% every year. In 2020, market share of India is 12.12%, ranking second. In addition, Southeast Asia ranks third with a market share of 10.85%. The market share in other regions is smaller.

The wedding photography industry is in a period of growth. The companies are mainly from China and the market concentration is low. The top three companies are Golden Ladies, Watabe Wedding, and MONA LISA, with revenue market shares of 0.623%, 0.121%, and 0.196% in 2020, respectively.

In 2020, as the new crown epidemic continues, many countries in the Asia-Pacific region ban large gatherings, which has led to a significant slowdown in the wedding industry. Wedding photography has encountered a lot of resistance, which has had a huge impact on the industry.

Wedding Photography Industry is Growing at an Alarming Rate

With the development of the Internet and the increase in the number of Internet users, more and more social media software has emerged, and more and more people like to browse photos in their favorite style on social media software, which is conducive to the promotion of photography business. Photographers can also use social media software to widely promote wedding photography services and develop potential customers through online product portfolios. On social media software, photographers can also use their photos to attract fans and customers, attract followers, and increase attention. This is a trend and an opportunity in the wedding photography industry.

With the changes in human consumption concepts and the popularization of modern weddings, people increasingly like to use photo albums to record weddings. At the same time, the popularity of lifestyle and wedding photography has increased, and the demand for professional photographers has also increased. In addition, technological advancements, especially those related to digital photography, have brought more opportunities and challenges to professional photographers.

According to our research, the total revenue of the wedding photography market in the Asia-Pacific region in 2015 was US$21096.29 million, and it will increase to US$49393.14 million in 2020. We predict that by 2025 the value of the wedding photography market can reach 115479.39 million U.S. dollars. The CAGR of wedding photography from 2020 to 2025 is 18.51%.

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