Titanium Alloy will Continue to Penetrate in the Field of Consumer Electronics in the Future, and Domestic Polishing Equipment Manufacturers are Expected to be Benefited

Based on Apple\'s patent portfolio and the already released Apple Watch Ultra, the use of titanium alloy in the middle frame could be one of Apple\'s next generation innovations. As of December 2022, Apple has obtained 8 patents related to titanium alloy materials. In addition, Amazon, XLOONG, RokidAir and other manufacturers have launched titanium alloy AR devices. Titanium alloy may also be used in Apple\'s AR, MR And other headsets in the future. Titanium alloy is lightweight, strong, high texture, no magnetic, no allergy, excellent corrosion resistance, with its excellent performance is widely used in aerospace, is also gradually becoming the consumer electronic products favored materials.

In the application of titanium alloy, it is widely used in aerospace and other high-tech fields, and now it should be used in chemical industry, petroleum, electricity, seawater desalination, construction, daily appliances and other areas to expand, known as "modern metal", "strategic metal". In the field of consumer electronics, its high hardness, processing difficulty, low yield characteristics, also lead to titanium alloy mobile phone frame overall yield of about 30%-40%, far lower than the aluminum alloy frame of 80%. Therefore, there are corresponding requirements in the selection of equipment. Switching from aluminum and stainless steel to titanium requires the use of new equipment. If titanium alloy continues to penetrate in the consumer electronics terminal manufacturers led by Apple in the future, it will bring considerable incremental demand for polishing equipment. Domestic polishing equipment manufacturers based on Yuhuan CNC are expected to benefit, according to the annual report of Yuhuan CNC, CNC grinding and polishing machine is mainly used in mobile phone stainless steel frame, glass, ceramics and other metal and non-metallic hard brittle materials made of sheet parts of double-sided grinding and polishing.

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