China Has Become the World\'s Fastest Growing Market for 3.0T MR

Magnetic resonance imaging (MR), also known as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is a device that uses magnetic resonance signals of atomic nuclei in water molecules in the human body in a strong magnetic field to image tissues and organs. Magnetic resonance imaging system is mainly composed of magnet, spectrometer, gradient, radio frequency, computer and image processing system five parts. Each part is interconnected, controlled and coordinated by computer. According to the different principles of magnetic field generation, magnetic resonance systems on the market are mainly permanent magnet and superconducting.

Compared with XR and CT, MR has the advantages of no X-ray radiation and higher soft tissue resolution. Compared with ultrasound, MR Images have higher resolution and can show more detail. MR Can also accurately determine the functional response of organs, which can play an important role in the diagnosis of Parkinson\'s disease, Alzheimer\'s disease, cancer and other diseases.

From the perspective of per capita population, there is a significant gap between China and developed countries in MR Per million people. From the advent of the first MR System in the early 1980s to the end of 2020, more than 50,000 MR Systems have been installed worldwide and applied to different fields, and superconducting MR Systems have gradually become the mainstream products, among which 1.5TMR systems currently hold the largest number. According to the data, the global MR Market scale reached 9.30 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to reach 11.83 billion USD in 2030.

At the same time, in recent years, as major countries in the world continue to increase the technology and R&D investment in MR Field, the new performance of the system continues to improve, the application field continues to expand, and the market scale continues to expand. Data show that by the end of 2020, the magnetic resonance imaging system (MR) industry market size in North America is $2.88 billion, ranking first in the world; It was followed by the Chinese mainland, where the magnetic resonance imaging (MR) market reached $2.55 billion, with rapid growth; Europe ranked third with a market size of $2.05 billion.

Source: Market Monitor Co., Limited

According to the statistics of China Medical Equipment Association, the magnetic resonance imaging system market in China has maintained rapid growth from 2017 to 2021, with an annual compound growth rate of 5.93%. In 2021, the market size of China\'s magnetic resonance imaging system industry was 2958.31 million USD.

1.5T MR Is currently the most important market segment of magnetic resonance imaging system, with the largest number of units and the largest market size. By 2021, China\'s 1.5T MR Accounted for more than 60% of the entire magnetic resonance imaging system market size, with the market size reaching 1825.23 million USD. In terms of market conditions, the current global replacement of MRI system is mainly 3.0T MR Instead of 1.5T MR. At present, China has become the world\'s fastest growing 3.0T MR Market. In 2021, China\'s 3.0T MR Market scale reached 758.78 million USD, and it is expected that 3.0T MR Will become the main growth point of China\'s MR Market in the future, and its share will increase to 40.2% in 2030.

Sources: China Medical Equipment Association, Market Monitor Co., Limited

At present, the penetration rate of magnetic resonance imaging equipment in hospitals in China is still low. With the continuous development of MR Equipment technology, it has significant advantages in the functional diagnosis of serious diseases, bringing the increasing clinical demand. At the same time, with the continuous implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment in the country, the pattern of traditional large medical institutions dominating the medical image diagnosis market will be broken, the image equipment configuration level and diagnosis and treatment ability of primary medical institutions will be improved, and the penetration rate of MR Equipment in the primary market will be gradually increased.

With the continuous innovation of technology and the advancement of graded diagnosis and treatment, permanent magnetic MRI will mainly serve primary medical institutions and meet the needs of clinical examination for initial diagnosis in primary medical institutions by virtue of its advantages of low operating cost and good openness of magnet. As the basic inspection equipment, permanent magnet MR Equipment has been basically replaced by import. Superconducting MR Produced by Chinese manufacturers are mainly 1.5T. Driven by national supportive policies, Chinese MR Equipment enterprises have accelerated innovation and made breakthroughs in the research and development of core components, gradually breaking the market monopoly pattern of multinational companies. Neusoft Medical and other local enterprises have independently developed 1.5T MR Equipment and started to accelerate the import replacement process of such products.

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