Development of Agricultural Mechanization Drives Electric Pruning Shears Market Growth

The electric pruning shear is a hand-held electric tool that uses a motor as the power and drives the working head through a transmission mechanism to perform cutting operations. It is one of the commonly used electric tools in gardening, suitable for pruning branches and leaves of fruit trees and shrubs.

There are two main types of electric pruning shears: one is cordless electric pruning shears, and the other is chargeable electric pruning shears. Most cordless electric pruning shears use lithium batteries because they have large capacity and light weight, and they can be carried on the body. These electric pruning shears are generally equipped with power cords, backpacks and other accessories. There is also a battery with a smaller capacity on the handle. Compared with the mobile cordless electric pruning shears, the chargeable electric pruning shears require power. Its use range is limited, but the use time is longer, the product price is lower, so it is suitable for small-area garden pruning. In general, cordless electric pruning shears have more advantages. With the development of lithium batteries, their market will become wider and wider, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.55% from 2020 to 2025.

Electric pruning shears are mainly used for pruning grape vines to eliminate excess old vineyard plant growth from the previous year, so that the vines can use energy for new year growth. This process also helps train the vines to grow in an ideal way to produce high-quality wine grapes. Electric pruning shears can also be used for fruit growers to reduce early pruning and pruning during the ripening period. In addition to improving the appearance of the tree, pruning fruit trees can increase light penetration, thereby improving the quality of the fruit. Pruning can also promote air circulation and help reduce disease. In addition, electric pruning shears are used in landscaping, which can stimulate growth, allow air and light to enter the interior of the plant, remove damaged or diseased parts, and guide the plant to restore its natural shape. A properly trimmed shrub will grow fuller, have a more attractive shape, bloom more flowers, and be healthier overall. Therefore, regular pruning helps plant health and garden aesthetics.

Compared with ordinary pruning shears, electric pruning shears are more efficient, more stable in running performance, and pruning quality can meet gardening requirements. It not only improves the pruning efficiency, increases the pruning income, but also protects the workers and saves unnecessary expenses. Therefore, electric pruning shears will face greater market demand.

Analysis of the Electric Pruning Shears Industry in Various Regions Under the Influence of COVID-19

Electric pruning shears companies are mainly from Europe; the industry is highly concentrated. The top three companies are Infaco, Pellenc and Felco, with revenue market shares of 37.77%, 19.72% and 13.42% in 2019, respectively.

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North America is the largest revenue market, with a market share of 43.11% in 2015 and 43.16% in 2020, a decrease of 0.05%. Europe ranked second with a market share of 36.20% in 2019. In addition, development of China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies, increased downstream demand and innovation and progress of technological are conducive to the development of the electric pruning shears industry. Therefore, the Asia-Pacific and South American regions are expected to become the fastest growing market for the electric pruning shears industry.

In 2020, COVID-19 has adversely affect the development of electric pruning shears. Affected by the epidemic, the government restricted public gatherings, closed restaurants, wine tasting rooms and event venues, reduced the work of vineyards and wineries, which had a negative impact on upstream agricultural equipment manufacturers.

With the Acceleration of Agricultural Mechanization, the Market Potential of Electric Pruning Shears is Great

The epidemic has created a good condition for gardening activities. After major sporting events were cancelled and restaurants, bars, and theaters closed, workers on vacation and people working from home began to look for activities to pass their free time. People all over the world have begun to regard gardening as a soothing and family-friendly hobby, which has alleviated their concerns about food security. This means that the demand for gardening tools will rise.

The development of agricultural mechanization is the main factor driving the growth of the electric pruning shears market. Pruning is the second most labor-intensive vineyard activity. In a high-pressure pruning environment like a vineyard, ergonomics is the key. Mechanization helps to reduce the time, labor and chores of agricultural production and improve the quality of life. Therefore, electric pruning shears are efficient, safe, durable, which have greater competitiveness, and will face opportunities for market development.

In addition, labor costs in Europe and the United States are high. In the United States, for example, vineyards are facing labor shortages. In the case of high labor demand, workers can demand and receive higher wages. For most vineyards, mechanization will be an important part of the future, which can greatly reduce the amount of manual labor required. Furthermore, Europeans and Americans have higher disposable incomes, and they will pay more attention to advanced gardening tools, which is expected to promote the development of the electric pruning shears market.

According to our research, the total sales of the global electric pruning shears market in 2015 were US$44.27 million, which will increase to US$51.67 million in 2020. Due to its outstanding product characteristics and increased horticultural activities, the global electric pruning shears market is expected to experience moderate growth during the forecast period. We predict that by 2025 the market value of electric pruning shears can reach 61.91 million US dollars. The compound annual growth rate of electric pruning shears from 2020 to 2025 is 3.68%.

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