Condensation Particle Counters Industry Will Face an Increase Trend While the Price of Raw Materials and Innovation of Technology may be Restrictive Factors

A condensation particle counter or CPC is a particle counter that detects and counts aerosol particles by first enlarging them by using the particles as nucleation centers to create droplets in a supersaturated gas. Particle counter uses light scattering principle to count dust particles, which is related to light scattering and particle size, wavelength, refractive index and absorption characteristics of particle to light.  But in terms of the intensity of the scattered light and the size of the particle, there is a basic rule that the intensity of the scattered light from the particle increases with the surface area of the particle.  In this way, the dust-containing gas with a certain flow rate passes through a beam of strong light, so that the particles emit scattered light, which is projected onto the photomultiplier tube through the concentrator lens, and the light pulse is changed into an electrical pulse. The number of particles is obtained from the number of pulses.

Condensation particle counter can be divided into desktop condensation particle counter and handheld condensation particle counter. Desktop condensation particle counter is the condensation particle counter usually put on the desk to measure particle concentrations in different application fields. Handheld condensation particle counter is mobile instrument can be held in hand which is designed to measure particle concentrations in different application fields. In 2017, the desktop condensation particle counter covered a market share of 71.14% and the handheld condensation particle counter covered a market share of 28.86%. The former one occupied a larger market.

Condensation particle counter can be applied in aerosol research, health and atmospheric studies, combustion and filter testing. Aerosol particles are important components in the Earth’s atmosphere. They have been shown to have an adverse effect on human health in urban environments. Aerosol research is doing research to understand their lifecycle, quantitatively predicting their emission, transportation and transformation. Atmospheric sciences are the study of the Earth\'s atmosphere, its processes, the effects other systems have on the atmosphere, and the effects of the atmosphere on these other systems, also the effect to human health. Combustion is a high-temperature exothermic redox chemical reaction between a fuel and an oxidant, usually atmospheric oxygen, that produces oxidized, often gaseous products, in a mixture termed as smoke. Filtration is the process of removing particles from a fluid, particle counters are a tool frequently used to test the functioning of the filter. These four applications respectively covered a market share of 38.79%,24.13%,18.06% and  19.01%.

The Current Situation of Global Condensation Particle Counter

Condensation particle counters companies are mainly from United States and Europe; the industry concentrate rate is high. The top three companies are TSI, Grimm Aerosol and Airmodus with the revenue market share of 25.79%, 26.31% and 14.16% in 2017.

Europe was the largest revenue market with a market value of 18.57 M USD and a market share of 40.77% in 2013 and 40.48% in 2018 with an increase of -0.29%. North America ranked the second market with the market share of 37.87% in 2017. Development of economy, increase downstream demand, technology innovation progress in emerging economies such as China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil and Vietnam have led to an increase in demand.

The cost of raw material, equipment depreciation, energy and labor consists of the cost of condensation particle counters, of which raw material costs account for the largest proportion. Therefore, the cost of the condensation particle counter and the price fluctuations of raw materials have a greater impact. The major downstream buyers include China National Environment Protection Group, Remmers UK Limited and US EPA.

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Global Condensation Particle Counter Market Forecast

According to our research, the global Condensation Particle Counters market has a total sales value of 45.55 M USD back in 2013, and increased to 55.05 M USD in 2018. We made a series of functional calculation and deduced the past 5 year’s data with scientific model. Finally, we made the prediction that the value of Condensation Particle Counters markets can be 66.16 M USD by 2023. The CAGR of Condensation Particle Counters is 3.70% from 2017 to 2023.

With the development of economy and technology, the increase awareness of environment protection, the development of downstream industry, such as the industry of aerosol research, health and atmospheric studies, combustion, filter testing, more condensation particle counters needed, so the whole industry will face an increase trend. Europe will maintain its first place with a supposed market value of 26.77 M USD by 2023, and North America is still the second largest market with the market value of 25.03 M USD.

At the same time, there are some factors that restrain the development of condensation particle counter market. For instance, the price of raw materials will be in a fluctuation state, which increase the uncertainty about the cost of the industry. Innovation of technology is a promote factor of this industry, however, lack of technical and process breakthroughs will be one of the hamper factor. And this industry is facing a fierce competition, and sometimes may lead the low price competition in some backward regions.

Different regions must take related actions to drive the condensation particle counter market development. North America should work to realize industrial integration and update products and enlarge oversea market to earn larger market share. For emerging countries like China, they must seize the opportunity of rapid economic development and upgrade the product to break out the restriction of low-end product and fierce competition, complete their own industrial chain and acquire their position in global market.

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