Market Analysis of Handheld Plasma Cutting Machines: Emerging Developing Countries Have Great Potential

In simplest terms, plasma cutting is a process that uses a high velocity jet of ionized gas that is delivered from a constricting orifice. The high velocity ionized gas, that is, the plasma, conducts electricity from the torch of the plasma cutter to the work piece. The plasma heats the work piece, melting the material. The high velocity stream of ionized gas mechanically blows the molten metal away, severing the material. The industrial cutting process plays an important role in the overall manufacturing of products. The effectiveness of cutting technology has been applied to a number of vertical industrial fields, from metal foundry to automotive manufacturing. Among them, the hand-held plasma cutting method in the global industrial field has gained a lucrative basis. The adoption of plasma cutting equipment has gained broad appeal, providing high quality cutting with less lead time, which has driven the demand for them as an indispensable industrial equipment.

According to the arcing, Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine can be divided into contact arcing and non-contact arcing: Contact arcing hand-held plasma cutting machine is directly contact with the steel plate, lighting arcing to cut objective, which is fast and neat with high precision and no slag. Non-contact arcing hand-held plasma cutting machine is usually 5-8 mm away from the objective to complete the cutting process, which facilitates the equipment control of users and the production, transportation and packaging of products. The contact arc plasma cutting machine occupy the main market because of its fast cutting speed, smooth cutting surface, small thermal deformation and almost no heat affected zone when cutting metal that is not too thick.

Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine is widely used. It is mainly used in processing industry, such as the chemical or petrochemical industry. In addition, Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine are also used to cut different parts in the manufacturing process of auto parts. When making hardware, small parts used in different industries usually need to be processed with Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine. In recent decades, automobile demand has been maintaining a considerable heat, and then parts supporting system quality improvement and the scale of rapid growth, so Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine is widely used in automotive parts.

Prospect Analysis of Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine Industry in Various Regions

After a period of development, the Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine industry is in a mature period, with a fierce competition institution. Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine companies are mainly from North America; the industry concentrate rate is very high. The top three companies are covering more than half of the market share, which are Hypertherm, ESAB, Miller Electric with the revenue market share of 29.24%, 15.95%, and 13.40% in 2017.

North America was the largest revenue market with a market share of 44.06% in 2013 and 42.92% in 2018. Europe ranked the second market with the market share of 31.41% in 2017. In addition, as economies in China, India and the Middle East develop, per capita income rises and demand increases. The regions will be the areas with the greatest growth potential for Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine.

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In emerging and developing market, for example, China and India are developing their own industries.  With their progress of economy and technology, the downstream demand increases, such as the processing industry, auto parts and other related industries. Many businesses emerged in the market, updating their technology and keeping on product innovation, which increased the penetration of more productive and cost-effective, high performance Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine. However, in developed market, they have more international companies, good channels, highly market maturity, fierce competition, a highly competent management team, technology and finance advantages. Besides, they keep on innovation, with prominent market participants invest heavily in R&D to introduce new technologies to their products. All of which make a growing market demand for Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine.

North America and Europe basically monopolized the Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine market with a broad market, technology and talent advantages and the mature industry chain. The Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine consumption market in China is further expanding with its strong downstream demand and continuous development of economy and technology.

The Great Market Potential of Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine in Emerging Countries

According to our research, the global Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine market has a total sales value of 149.20 M USD back in 2013, and increased to 199.78 M USD in 2018. We made the prediction that the value of Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine markets can be 283.55 M USD by 2023.The CAGR of Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine is 7.08% from 2017 to 2023.

With the development of economy and technology, the major drivers of Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine industry are mainly from the downstream industry, such as construction, automobile, and hardware processing, especially the expanding automotive and construction industry. Further, inclination towards of manufacturers advanced technology are some dynamic factors which are expected to be driving the growth of global Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine market in near future. In recent years, after strong growth in emerging and developing countries, economic growth has gradually slowed down and price inflation has also declined, especially in China, but Asia will still be the fastest growing region for Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine.

Although sales of Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine brought some opportunities, especially in the emerging countries, the study group recommends the new entrants who has not industry chain advantage and accurate positioning of the downstream segments do not enter into the Hand-held Plasma Cutting Machine field. What is more, the company in this industry should pay attention to their R&D, keep on launching new product, keep on innovation and improving services, then they may get the competition advantage, and get a bigger market share.

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