Gantry /Cartesian Robots are Conducive to Improving Production Efficiency, With a CAGR of Over 12%

A cartesian coordinate robot (also called linear robot) is an industrial robot whose three principal axes of control are linear (i.e. they move in a straight line rather than rotate) and are at right angles to each other. The three sliding joints correspond to moving the wrist up-down, in-out, back-forth, which can realize automatic control and repeated programming, and the degree of motion freedom only includes three dimensional orthogonal translations. With the increasing automation of production lines and the increasing use of robots, Cartesian robots are very popular in the market. In order to improve the production efficiency and production safety, many processing enterprises has begun to use gantry robot processing automation production. The use of automatic production equipment is the inevitable trend of industrial production and processing for it is bound to highlight the production strength of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of the market.

Each motion axis of a gantry/Cartesian robot usually corresponds to the X, Y and Z axes in the Cartesian coordinate system. The X and Y axes are the horizontal axis of motion, while the Z axis is the up and down axis of motion. Therefore, they can be divided into 2X-Y-Z, 2X-2Y-Z and XY-X robots according to their types. After analyzing and processing various input signals and making relevant logical judgments, the controller issues execution commands to each output component to complete the joint movement between X, Y and Z axes, so as to realize a complete set of automatic operation processes.

Gantry/Cartesian robot can be applied to a number of fields, mainly used for positioning, transportation and welding, which plays an important role in stability, product quality, labor productivity and working conditions improvement, and product rapid replacement.

Market Prospect Analysis of Gantry/Cartesian Robot Industry in Various Regions

The industry concentrate rate is relatively high. The top three companies are IAI, Gudel, Parker, with the revenue market share of 14.63%, 13.74%, and 8.79% in 2017.

Japan was the largest revenue market with a market share of 31.30% in 2013 and 30.21% in 2018 with an increase of -1.10%. North America ranked the second market with the market share of 23.75% in 2017. Also, the Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America markets for Gantry/Cartesian Robots are expected to be the market with the most promising growth rate. Development of economy, increase downstream demand, technology innovation progress in emerging economies such as China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Saudi Araba and Vietnam has led to an increase in demand.

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At present, global economy is fluctuant, and most countries take measures to stimulate the economy, especially in Japan, Europe, Australia and the resources providing countries, like Russia, Middle East, Brazil etc. In many fields, China is the largest consumer, but in the past several years, China economic growth slows. USA economy is relatively stable with low-speed-growth, but in future, it also is full of risk. In Southeast Asia, the economy also is fluctuated the economic base is comparatively unsubstantial, due to the exchange fluctuations. In India, although many people look to further increase in India, but the economic aggregate is too low and the infrastructure is behindhand and inefficient. In a long term, India will keep a stable and low growth in economy.

Except for the impact of economic development, as for the cost structure of Gantry/Cartesian robot, it is mainly restricted by raw materials. In addition, equipment, energy and labor costs accounted for 9.82%, 12.56% and 6.71% respectively.

Pay More Attention to R&D, with Broad Gantry/Cartesian Robots Market

Technology and research are the driving force to promote the development of the gantry robot industry. The development trend of gantry robot industry is as follows: Make the production process more simple, safe and environmental protection, make the gantry robots more light and durable and Lower the costs of gantry robot production. As more and more companies rely on personalized industrial robot solutions, as well as the professionalism, complexity and innovation of on-site installation and commissioning, more and more customers will also choose to contact suppliers directly, so direct selling will dominate the sales model for a long time to come.

According to our research, the global Gantry/Cartesian Robots market has a total revenue of 1247.35 M USD back in 2013, and increased to 2388.92 M USD in 2018. We made the prediction that the value of Gantry/Cartesian Robots markets can be 4364.79 M USD by 2023. The CAGR of Gantry/Cartesian Robots is 12.74% from 2017 to 2023.

Although sales of Gantry/Cartesian Robots brought some opportunities, especially in the emerging countries, but as science and technology advances, new products in the power direction are likely to replace the technology of gantry robots. The high rise in ground prices and average wages has led to an increase in manufacturing costs. There are many barriers to enter this industry, such as capital, equipment, manufacturing technology and so on. The technology level is in a circular state and the price competition is fierce. The study group recommends the new entrants who has not industry chain advantage and accurate positioning of the downstream segments do not enter into the Gantry/Cartesian Robots field.

What is more, demands of consumers for gantry robots are various. They are not only concerned about quality and service, but also concerned about price. Therefore, the company in this industry should pay attention to their R&D, keep on launching new product, keep on innovation and improving services, as well as improve performance and take into account preferences of consumers to make their products more in line with market expectations, then they may get the competition advantage, and get a bigger market share.

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