Global Foam Dressing Market Development Analysis, Product Innovation as the New Competitiveness

Foam dressing is a high-end wound care product processed from polyurethane as the main material. With the deepening of human understanding of wound healing, the continuous improvement of the theory of wound wet healing and the product of modern polymer materials. A primary feature of foam dressings is that they help maintain a moist wound environment. Numerous previous studies have proven that wound healing requires oxygen and a dry environment. However, as wounds tend to dehydrate and crust in a dry environment, which is not conducive to epithelial cell peristalsis, it will make wound healing slower. In contrast, wounds heal faster in a moist environment than in a dry state, and also relieve pain and reduce scar tissue formation.

According to size, global foam dressings can be divided into small pore size foam dressings, medium pore size foam dressings and large pore size foam dressings. The smaller pore size gives higher moisture retention and also reduces the chance of tissue migration into the foam dressing. The top layer of material on the foam dressing transports moisture while preventing water penetration. The unique negative pressure drainage of the medium pore size ensures complete contact with the wound surface, rapid drainage and vertical absorption, locking the exudate tightly in the fixed area without soaking the surrounding skin. The large pore size foam dressing increases water exchange between the wound and the dressing, which is particularly important for ulcer healing. In addition, it supports the healing of deep wounds with high exudate. At present, medium pore size foam dressings account for more than half of the market and its market value is the highest types, having reached $460.48 million in 2020.

Acute wounds are caused by a sudden injury to the skin, but can heal in a limited amount of time, usually without causing any complications. By using foam dressing, it can reduce the pain of patients, apply pressure to stop bleeding or venous stasis, immobilize the injured body part, protect the wound and surrounding tissues, and promote wound healing. In addition, foam dressings are highly absorbent and the number of dressing changes is greatly reduced, thus being very beneficial for postoperative wound recovery. Some chronic wounds can lead to a reduced quality of life and significant lost medical costs. The most common chronic wounds are chronic leg venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers and bed sores. Foam dressing is a technique for treating chronic wounds by applying negative pressure to the wound surface through closed polyurethane foam or gauze, which is an effective way to treat exudate and close the wound. The market value of applications of chronic wounds has reached $483.31 million in 2020.

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Global Foam Dressing Market Status and Prospect Analysis

Foam dressing sales companies are mainly from North America and Europe. North America is the largest revenue market with a market share of 38.09% in 2015 and 36.83% in 2019, a decrease of 1.26%. In 2019, Europe has the second largest market share at 33.70%. As foam dressing products are directly applied to human body, their quality is related to the life and health of users. Therefore, customers have very strict requirements for product quality, and manufacturers are more careful in their selection. With advanced technology and high medical level, Europe and America have mature industry chain and formed a stable large foam dressing customer group. The market value in North America and Europe is expected to reach $393.35 million and $353.63 million respectively by 2025.

The foam dressing market in China is expected to be one of the most promising markets in terms of growth potential. In recent years, China economy and technology have been developing and downstream demand continues to increase. The Chinese medical dressing market is currently entering a period of rapid development with a broad consumer market. Besides, government support is also driving the growth of the foam dressing market. The market value in China is expected to reach $139.79 million by 2025, up from $97.22 million in 2019.

Aging Trend to Drive the Growing Global Foam Dressing Market

According to the study, the global foam dressings market was valued at $696.7 million in 2015, and increased to $827.86 million in 2019. The foam dressing market is projected to reach a value of $1068.68 million by 2025. Foam dressings will grow at a CAGR of 5.78% from 2020 to 2025.

The elderly is the most important user group for medical products and services. They are also most likely to have chronic wounds such as hard-to-heal leg ulcers, diabetic feet, and bed sores. The trend of aging society will drive the growth in demand for foam dressings. In the future, foam dressings will focus more on the bioactivity and functionality of the product, and will no longer be limited to the protection of wounds, but should be equipped with corresponding special dressings for different wounds and different healing stages.

At present, the research direction of foam dressings is to improve the deficiencies of existing materials and enhance their performance as dressings through adjustment or synthesis methods. Various drugs and growth factors are added to the material to effectively control the release of drugs to achieve wound healing and therapeutic effects. From the perspective of patients, the number of dressing changes should be minimized to reduce the pain caused by dressing changes.

In addition, the development of new foam dressings has brought many development opportunities for market growth. In recent years, carbon fiber dressing began to gradually come into public view as a new type of polymer dressing. It has been found that carbon fiber dressing has two major advantages: strong absorption ability and good anti-inflammatory effect. The main characteristics are soft texture, cytotoxicity, irritation and allergy free. Currently, accelerating wound healing and preventing infection is an important aspect of clinical treatment of wounds. The choice of dressing plays a key role in wound healing. Therefore, continuous research on new dressings will facilitate the global foam dressing market to move forward.

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