The Rise of the Internet,E-commerce and Health Awareness of People Will Drive the Electric Juicing Machines Market Development

Electric juicing machines refers to a machine that squeezes out the water in fruits or vegetables using electricity as power. This machine is made of plastic, stainless steel or other materials. Compared with the traditional way of juicing, the electric juicing machine is much more efficient and can retain more nutrients. After the power is turned on, the motor drives the knife net to rotate at a high speed. Push fruits and vegetables from the feeding port to the knife net. The sharp thorns of the knife net shred the fruits and vegetables. Under the action of the centrifugal force of the juicer generated by the high-speed operation of the knife net, the pomace flies out of the knife net and enters the pomace box, while the juice passes through. The knife net flows into the juice cup.

According to the different juicing technology adopted, the machine can be divided into centrifugal electric juicing machines, masticating electric juicing machines and others. The former one’s working principle is to use the high-speed rotation of the knife net at 12,000 to 25,000 revolutions per minute to crush the fruit. The strong centrifugal force makes the juice spray into the juice cup. The pomace is thrown into the scum bucket. In 2019, these two types respectively covered a market share of 32.03% and 42.51%. With the strengthening of people\'s health awareness and the pursuit of natural vitamins, juicers are not only loved by individuals, but also special high-power commercial juicers are available to support companies in selling fresh juice. Therefore, the application of juicer is mainly divided into household and commercial applications. In 2019, the market share of household juicers was 54.34%, and the market share of commercial houses was 39.84%, which shows that the penetration rate of electric juicers is very high.

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Influence of COVID-19 Outbreak on Electric Juicing Machines Industry Development

The electric juicer industry belongs to the manufacturing industry, and raw materials and labor are an important part of the industrial chain. After the outbreak of the epidemic, countries have adopted strict prevention and control measures, such as lockdown. Employees are unable to return to work due to strict prevention and control measures or fear of the virus, which seriously affects production efficiency and affects the normal operation of enterprises. As countries adopt different anti-epidemic policies, international trade and economic activities are affected, logistics is interrupted, and the supply of raw materials is curbed from the source. As the global supply chain continues to be interrupted, the manufacturing industry may shrink significantly. The supply of the electric juicer industry The end is also inevitably hit. For the manufacturing industry, the epidemic will affect companies closely connected upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The shortage of labor and the different start times in various regions have caused problems in raw materials and transportation, affecting the normal production of some enterprises. In the first quarter of 2020, the electric juicer industry was hit by the epidemic and affected its production and sales. If small and medium enterprises in severely affected areas cannot start production for a long time, they will face the threat of bankruptcy.

Although the overall development of the industry has been hit, the sales volume of the global electric juicer industry in 2020 has increased compared with 2019, reaching 6255.8 K Units, with a market value of 563.72 M USD, and the growth rate has slowed down. This shows that even if production is affected, market demand still exists. As the epidemic slowly comes under control, the operation of the electric juicer industry is slowly returning to normal.

North America, Europe and China are currently the three regions with the largest market share. With the development of the sports industry in Europe and America, people highly respect sports and keep fit through fitness. Many Europeans and Americans consume protein powder and vitamin supplements to supplement their nutrition; therefore, the demand for fresh juice in this region is also among the top in the world. In addition, China has become a noteworthy market due to the strengthening of consumption power and the rise of the middle class, which is expected to bring growth opportunities to the industry in the future. Post-90s are becoming the main consumer in the Chinese market. They are more sensitive to product shapes and trends, and their willingness to get married is lower than that of their parents. Therefore, "a sense of ritual" and "single economy" are the main characteristics of this consumer group.

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The Forecast of Global Electric Juicing Machines Industry Market

The development of science and technology has increased productivity; resources that only the rich can enjoy (for example, some fruits and vegetables) have effectively expanded with the increase in productivity, allowing more people to buy abundant fruits and vegetables at lower prices. In addition, more and more people realize that a healthy body needs enough vitamins to maintain energy, demanding more juice. On the one hand, the development of the logistics cold chain and logistics operation network enables companies to deliver fresh juice to end customers in a timely manner; on the other hand, capable people will buy household juicers to meet their needs in time, and believe that the home-made juices are healthier than those sold in supermarkets. This has promoted the development of the juicer industry. The rise of the Internet and e-commerce allows companies to build their own websites to promote brand culture and introduce product features in an all-round way to facilitate potential customers to understand in advance or review afterwards. In addition, in the past, due to the cost of communication and transportation, the company rarely opened up overseas markets. In the Internet age, the flow of information has never been faster. Through the Internet, the company can quickly contact overseas distributors and actively explore overseas markets.

The competitive landscape of this industry is strengthening. As the juicer is becoming more and more known, industry participants are simultaneously facing threats from new entrants and pressure from competitors in the same industry. Companies that are recognized by loyal customers are less affected, but if new entrants do not have strong financial strength, mature teams and sound marketing strategies, it becomes more difficult to stand out in the market. Therefore, companies are focusing on expanding channels, recruiting distributors, exploring overseas markets, and striving to establish brand effects and seize more market share. In fact, some leading companies in this industry have already formed a brand effect and have been recognized by downstream customers, such as Panasonic in Japan and Joyoung in China. Other companies must step up to their products development and research to form unique advantages.

The development of the world economy is mainly attributed to the development of world trade. The development of world trade depends largely on the stable relationship between various economic entities. Geopolitical turmoil, changes in the EU system, trade wars, etc. will all lead to continued global economic instability. If conflicts occur in major economic entities, they will also affect political, cultural and technological exchanges, increase trade frictions, and hinder the process of globalization and world economic development. The best example is the trade war between China and the United States in recent years. In this dispute, the United States and China imposed tariffs on each other’s goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars. US President Donald Trump has long accused China of engaging in unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property rights. In China, there is a feeling that the United States is trying to contain its rise as a global economic power. The two countries have not yet reached an agreement on the interests of both parties, but the uncertainty of the trade war has damaged the interests of businesses and suppressed the global economy and hindered the development of industries.

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