Good Prospects for Automotive ECU Integration

By growing acceptance of advanced safety systems and assisted driver assistance functions, features such as blind spot detection, and automatic emergency braking at lower costs are expected to drive the growth of the automotive ECU market. Furthermore, the rising customer preference for luxury and hybrid vehicles, increasing placement of infotainment systems are also the key factors driving the demand for ECUs through the forecast period. ECUs are microcomputers or embedded systems that control the vehicular functions related to engines, infotainment systems, and ADAS using the data received from installed sensors and components.

These ECUs power a wide range of systems, from actuator controls to dashboard instruments to heads-up displays and other in-vehicle infotainment systems. When an automaker adds a new feature, like a night vision display, it may require a separate ECU, along with the associated sensors, display, and wiring. However, all these units take up valuable space, complicate certification testing, and increase the cost and weight of vehicles.

The trend of automotive electronics is obvious, and driving assistance systems are expected to stand out among mid-to-high-end and special vehicles. Automakers will gradually upgrade from passive driving assistance systems assembled from mechanical components to active driving assistance systems incorporating electronic technology. In order to increase the safety of the car. With the highly electronic, automated, and integrated automotive electronics, more and more ECU systems will be built into a CAN bus for automotive electronics.

At present, not only the engine has its own ECU, but also the automatic transmission, ABS system, car entertainment audio-visual system, four-wheel drive torque distribution system, active suspension system. all have their own electronic control unit.

The data information of the engine and transmission has been shared. The future ECU will be a powerful computer system that will integrate all the parts that need to be managed in each part of the system. We can enjoy the car audio-visual system, play PC-Game, and accept GPS signals. Even a cup holder is under the management of ECU.

The integration of electronic control units and microcontrollers is the development goal of large international automobile companies. At present, high-end models such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have the highest degree of integration.

Owing to continuing technological advancements in the semiconductor and electronics industry, the price of electronic components has fell due to considerable growth in the demand and is expected to decrease through the forecast period. This decrease in prices is exposed to the consolidation of ECUs, which meets various ECUs into a single advanced ECU that can control multiple hardware functions. The procedure decreases the complete vehicle cost, weight, and saves the space utilized by multiple ECUs before consolidation. For example,Visteon Corporation is integrating its user-friendly Human Machine Interface combining instrument clusters, head-Up Displays, and ADAS into its Smart Core consolidated ECU.

Moreover, the rising consciousness among the consumers regarding the decrease in fuel consumption has led to a substantial increase in demand of electric vehicles. These vehicles include numerous electronic components such as ECU to supplement the lower power consumption,enhanced driving experience,and higher vehicle performance. Therefore,the demand for ECU is also expected to flourish over the forecast period.

Automotive Body Control and Comfort System

Body control and comfort system mainly includes ECU applications in motor control modules, body control systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems, automotive lighting, gateway systems, internal comfort systems, and power distribution systems. In addition, all applications for passenger and driver comfort and convenience are included in this segmented application field. In 2017, the automotive ECU market in the body control and comfort system segment was US$16,146.4 million. By 2025, the market size of this segment is expected to reach US$24.801 billion.

Infotainment and Communication System

Infotainment and communication systems mainly include electronics such as in-vehicle communication systems, head-up displays, in-vehicle entertainment systems, navigation systems, rear-seat entertainment systems, dashboards, vehicle interfaces, integrated systems, human machine interfaces, and camera interfaces. System components. Consumers’ preference for interactive infotainment and communication systems drives the growth of this application field, which makes this field a highly profitable market for future automotive ECU manufacturers.

Safety Application Is Expected to Hold the Largest Market Share

Safety applications directed the overall automotive ECU market share. These safety applications comprise of pre-crash safety,airbags,keyless entry, anti-theft systems, and TPMS. Growing demand for passenger safety, and mandatory rules are expected to supplement the overall industry demand. Features offered such as map views, distance and functions for voice prompts, and schematic pictographs will enhance the convenience of the driver and passengers and give impetus to the automotive ECU market share in the safety applications.

Asia Pacific accounted for a momentous percentage of the automotive ECU market share. Increasing automobile production in the region,growing safety standards, and fuel economy concerns are the primary driving factors in the price-sensitive region. Existence of high growth in the countries such as China, India and Japan will also provide a stabilized growth platform for the industry.

Improving lifestyle, increase in demand for automobiles along with luxury vehicles will drive the automotive ECU market share from 2017 to2026.By the extra automated system combination with every passing year, the industry is expected witness significant growth. Increasing attention concerning green technologies has surge the demand for electric vehicles, energy efficient automobiles, and eco-driver assist systems.

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