The Injection Molding Machine Market Is Vast

Injection molding machine is a mechanical equipment that can make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products through plastic molding molds. It has the ability to produce plastic products with one-time molding, complex appearance, accurate size, or with metal inserts.

Injection molding machines occupy an important position in the entire plastic machinery industry, and 40% of the output value of the plastic machinery industry comes from injection molding machines. In recent years, with the development of industry technology and the diversification of downstream demand areas, the injection molding machine industry has shown a steady growth trend. According to data, China's injection molding machine market has grown from 27.98 billion yuan in 2014 to 3.84 billion yuan in 2019. At present, the development of the general plastics industry, the automobile industry, and the household appliance industry is expanding the injection molding machine market. It is expected that the market size of the injection molding machine industry will continue to maintain steady growth.

Injection Molding Machine Industry Chain

The upstream of China's injection molding machine industry chain is mainly the suppliers of raw materials and parts. Among them, steel is an important raw material for injection molding machines, so price fluctuations of steel cause changes in the cost of injection molding machines. In recent years, affected by the policy environment, industry development cycle, infrastructure investment, international steel prices, etc., domestic steel prices fluctuate greatly, which has a significant impact on the injection molding machine industry. In addition, main components include pressure parts, electronic instruments, and electronics. Components, etc. 85% of the cost of injection molding machine comes from direct materials, and 50% of the cost of direct materials comes from castings, pig iron, steel, tie rods, screw barrels, etc. Therefore, the injection molding machine industry is more sensitive to price fluctuations in raw material costs. The quality and supply capacity of raw materials and parts in the upstream of the industrial chain also affect the production of injection molding machine companies, thereby affecting the overall development of the industry.

The downstream is mainly the demand market for injection molding machines. The long-term development of an industry depends on whether there is room for growth in the downstream demand market. Therefore, the market growth of injection molding machines depends on the vigorous development of downstream applications such as plastics, automobiles, household appliances, and packaging. The data shows that in the market structure of injection molding machine demand, general-purpose plastics account for the highest proportion at 28%, followed by the automotive industry, accounting for 26%, followed by household appliances, accounting for 25%. In the long run, the lightweight trend of automobiles and the stable demand for general-purpose plastics provide support for the stable development of injection molding machines.

Automobile Lightweight Effectively Promotes the Injection Molding Machine Industry

The automotive industry is one of the main applications of injection molding machines. With the continuous penetration of new energy vehicles, people have a higher understanding of the industry, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for new energy vehicles, which is conducive to the long-term development of the industry. Light-weight of automobiles means reducing the weight of automobiles on the premise of ensuring the strength and safety of automobiles to achieve the purpose of improving automobile power and reducing fuel consumption. Data shows that a 10% reduction in car weight can increase fuel efficiency by 6% to 8%, and the trend of lightweight cars is very clear. The use of low-density plastic materials is one of the effective ways to achieve lightweight cars. Compared with metal parts, plastic parts have more advantages in weight and practical operation. The amount of plastic used in automobiles has become an important measurement factor in automobile design and manufacturing. Driven by trends in the automotive industry, the demand for plastic products in the automotive market has greatly increased, thereby accelerating the development of the injection molding machine industry.

Expanded Application Scope of Plastics, Unlimited Market Growth Potential

In the context of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and accelerating the process of new industrialization, the application range of plastics continues to expand. It not only opens up new applications in traditional industries, such as the application of bioplastics in medical equipment, but also plays an important role in emerging industries including new energy vehicles, such as those used in industries such as aerospace, information networks, and high-end manufacturing. New type of special composite polymer materials. The continuous expansion of plastic application fields provides huge potential for the growth of the injection molding machine industry.

Domestic Injection Molding Machines Perform Well, But Still Need to Be Further Strengthened

Benefiting from the global economic integration and the dividends of domestic reform and opening up, country has become the world's leading producer, consumer and exporter of plastic machinery, and has ranked first in the world for plastic molding equipment production for more than ten consecutive years. As an important part of plastic equipment, the injection molding machine industry maintains stable development. The technical level of China's injection molding machine industry has improved significantly, the quality of injection molding machines has gradually improved to the international level, and the international market competitiveness has continued to increase.

China has a complete supply chain foundation. The unit price of domestic injection molding machines is lower than the average unit price of imported injection molding machines. With product quality and price advantages, domestic brands quickly occupy a major position in the international injection molding machine market, attracting overseas orders to flow to the country, which in turn promotes the domestic market. The development of the injection molding machine industry. Public data shows that China's injection molding machine exports have increased from 25,000 units in 2014 to 72,000 units in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 30.3%, and the industry is developing by leaps and bounds. Relying on the price advantage of domestic injection molding machines, it is expected to further expand the market share of domestic injection molding machine companies in the global market by improving production technology and product quality, and the number of domestic injection molding machine exports will continue to increase. The huge demand in overseas markets will help the sustainable development of China's injection molding machine industry.

However, Chinese brands mainly export low-end injection molding machines, while in the high-end field of injection molding machines. Therefore, local companies have a certain gap compared with international companies in product development, quality control, and technological innovation. With the development of China's injection molding machine industry and the improvement of its technical level, the quality and performance of injection molding machines of China have shown rapid progress. Chinese injection molding machines are gradually replacing imported products in the high-end market, increasing their competitiveness in the international market.

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