The Advancement of Infrastructure Construction and the Support of Policies and Regulations have Driven the Development of the Global Road LED Traffic Light Industry

Road traffic lights are a type of traffic lights used to allocate effective right of way to conflicting traffic flows to improve road traffic safety and road capacity, and are an important part of traffic safety facilities. As the most important block of current transportation facilities, road traffic signal lights are also a relatively large piece of energy consumption in the transportation facility industry.

After decades of technological development, the luminous efficiency of LEDs has been greatly improved. With the commercialization of high-brightness LEDs of various colors such as red, yellow, and green, LEDs have gradually replaced traditional incandescent lamps as traffic lights. The characteristics of road LED traffic lights are environmental protection and energy saving, strong ability to adapt to the environment, high visibility, rapid response of signal indication, long service life and so on. Road LED traffic lights are mainly used on roads, including rural roads and urban roads. Among them, due to the more advanced and complete transportation facilities of urban roads, the market application share is larger.

Traffic lights are an important part of traffic safety management, which can maintain the road safety of pedestrians and drivers. Traffic lights play a vital role in maintaining traffic discipline between cities and rural areas. Therefore, road LED traffic lights are essential for the normal operation of society. Therefore, although the industry chain of road LED traffic lights has been negatively affected, the impact is only short-term. As the epidemic is gradually brought under control, its production and sales will also resume.

The current situation of global road LED traffic signals market

Today\'s LED industry in various regions has formed a new pattern. The market is no longer only occupied by developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and many emerging markets are emerging. The Southeast Asian market has great market potential. Infrastructure investment in Southeast Asia is huge and the policies are also very attractive. At the same time, the overall electricity prices in Southeast Asia are relatively high, and the high electricity bills have spurred the demand for LEDs in Southeast Asian countries. With the rapid improvement of the economic level of other countries in Southeast Asia, the increase in infrastructure, the establishment of traffic regulations, and the increase in energy-saving awareness and demand, there is a greater development potential for the road LED traffic signal market.

Road traffic signal products have higher market and brand requirements. First of all, products such as traffic lights are generally used as government procurement projects, which have higher requirements for the qualifications and scale of the production enterprises. Manufacturers that have brand awareness and successful cases of large-scale projects are more likely to obtain orders. Only companies with strong technology, advanced equipment, rich project experience, perfect aftersales service system and good reputation can easily win customers. The R&D and production of road LED traffic signal light products involve multiple disciplines, and as a public product, they have higher requirements for quality. Due to the rapid technological update of the industry, enterprises in the industry need to have strong technical strength and R&D capabilities to ensure themselves market share.

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The advancement of infrastructure construction and the support of policies and regulations have driven the development of the global road LED traffic light industry

LED is an important light-emitting device, and for a long time, it has been mostly used for indicators and display devices in electronic equipment. With the further in-depth research on new LED materials, LED light source technology has rapidly developed Development, and increasingly used in the field of traffic management.

In recent years, LED manufacturers have successfully developed new types of LEDs with higher luminous efficiency, so that they can be used in outdoor signaling devices, such as automobile anti-fog lights, automobile high-position brake lights, toll crossing signal lights, road construction zone signs Lights, highway signs, road traffic lights, etc., among which LEDs are the most eye-catching applications in road traffic lights. Due to the rapid development of LED technology, many cities have gradually begun to try signal lights using LEDs as light sources to replace signal lights using incandescent lamps as light sources. The use of LED traffic lights is obviously expanding.

Traffic lights play a vital role in maintaining traffic discipline between cities and rural areas. Traffic signal lights are one of the most important and most used equipment in traffic management. Their safety and reliability are directly related to the safety of road traffic participants and the effectiveness of national traffic management. With the continuous improvement of the degree of urbanization worldwide, the continuous investment in infrastructure construction will create a lot of opportunities for the traffic signal market.

Road safety and efficient transportation are important factors that affect the country’s economic development. As roads are still the main mode of transportation in the world, governments are implementing and improving traffic flow regulations to promote the economic development of various countries. Various road safety measures and solutions used by traffic laws to improve traffic flow provide opportunities for the development of traffic lights. At the same time, LED traffic signal lights are favored by traffic management departments for their high brightness, high reliability, low cost of use, and long life. Therefore, the implementation of traffic laws has become one of the driving factors of road LED traffic lights.

According to our research, the Global Road LED Traffic Signals market has a total revenue of 449.91 M USD back in 2015, and increased to 560.85 M USD in 2019. We made a series of functional calculation and deduced the past 5 year’s data with scientific model. Finally, we made the prediction that the value of Road LED Traffic Signals markets can be 683.96 M USD by 2025. The CAGR of Road LED Traffic Signals is 5.66% from 2020 to 2025.

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