Diversified Demand for Automotive, Advertising, and Printing Increases, GCC Self Adhesive Vinyl Market Has a Lot of Development Opportunities

Self-adhesive vinyl is a flexible and versatile material that can be used to create striking signs and logos for commercial or personal use. It is often used to create outdoor and indoor graphics for advertising, but can also be used to decorate walls, windows, and other areas in an office or home.

Self-adhesive vinyl is available in translucent, transparent and opaque. Translucent self-adhesive vinyl is a material that diffuses light and has a matte finish. Users can see the general outline of items placed behind the translucent film, but not the details. Transparent self-adhesive vinyl is a material that transmits light transparently without diffusing it, allowing you to see what\'s behind you. Opaque self-adhesive vinyl is a material that is completely opaque and cannot be seen through. In 2020, the market share of various materials is 44.56%, 25.62% and 29.82%.

Self-adhesive vinyl can be used for digital photos, signage images, and packaging images. In 2020, the market shares of self-adhesive vinyl used in various fields are 36.72%, 25.42%, and 37.85%, respectively. In addition, self-adhesive vinyl is an ideal material for modern printing such as gravure and digital printing. Self-adhesive vinyl is more productive than other forms of printing.

Lightweight and inexpensive to manufacture, self-adhesive vinyl has achieved mass production. Overall, self-adhesive vinyl has high tensile strength and relatively low weight, which reduces shipping costs and improves storage chain efficiency. In addition, self-adhesive vinyl has a variety of resistances (including color, scrub resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, and solvent resistance) that make it attractive to consumers. Today, the growing demand for self-adhesive vinyl in various industrial applications is driving the market growth.

The Market Concentration of the Self-adhesive Vinyl Industry is Very High, and Leading Enterprises Have Absolute Advantages

Saudi Arabia is the largest revenue market in the GCC self-adhesive vinyl industry, with a market share of 49.60% in 2015 and 50.36% in 2020, an increase of 0.76%. In 2020, the United Arab Emirates ranked second with a market share of 29.84%. In addition, the market shares of Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain were 9.77%, 6.71%, 2.66% and 0.67% respectively.

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There are many self-adhesive vinyl manufacturers in the GCC, but due to the continuous expansion of the application scope of downstream products, the competition of self-adhesive vinyl manufacturers in the GCC is relatively stable and orderly, and the market price is relatively transparent. At the same time, since the GCC self-adhesive downstream manufacturers are mainly located in economically developed regions such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, some self-adhesive manufacturers with convenient geographical locations have formed certain advantages in some areas. They have pressure not only from small producers, but also from multinational corporations. The pressure of the former is mainly reflected in the low-end product market, while the pressure of the latter is mainly reflected in the key components and technologies of high-end products. The self-adhesive vinyl industry has high asset-specific barriers, low reusable value during industrial transfer, high sunk costs, and large export barriers.

Currently, the self-adhesive vinyl industry is highly concentrated. In 2020, the top three companies accounted for a total market share of 56.95%. They are 3M, LG Hausys, and Avery Dennison with market shares of 28.56%, 16.69%, and 11.70%.

The Economic Development of the GCC Countries Drives the Development of the Advertising, Automotive Packaging and Printing Industries, Which Has a Positive Impact on the Self-adhesive Vinyl Market

In the past decade, the advertising industry has developed rapidly, and its transformation has provided a huge space for companies to carry out outdoor and indoor marketing activities. Accelerating infrastructure development projects and increasing the number of shopping malls and other commercial establishments in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia due to rapid urbanization in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have forced manufacturers to develop self-adhesive vinyl operations to increase the availability of their printing materials, so as to adapt to various architectural elements.

In addition, the technology used in car packaging has become one of the most effective techniques for concealing scratches in the past decade, and this trend has also sparked a boom in car customization. The development of digital printing has increased the demand for self-adhesive vinyl, and also provided the possibility for infinite innovation in the field of graphics. Significant developments in sign-making tools over the past few years have positively impacted the market demand for self-adhesive vinyl and this trend will continue throughout the forecast period. In the self-adhesive vinyl film market in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the application in the automotive industry and the development of tapes and labels will bring more growth opportunities to its market.

According to our research, the total sales of the GCC self-adhesive vinyl market was 56.27 million euros in 2015, which increased to 63.64 million euros in 2019. We predict that the self-adhesive vinyl market can be worth 84.83 million euros by 2027. The CAGR of self-adhesive vinyl from 2020 to 2027 is 4.67%.

The strictly regulated production process of self-adhesive vinyl by the government owing to the release of harmful air pollutants, which may affect the growth of the market. In addition, the use of PVC self-adhesive vinyl is inherently non-biodegradable, which has caused restrictions in the UAE and Saudi markets, as well as by international regulators, thus hindering the sales of manufacturers operating in the self-adhesive vinyl market.

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