Outdoor Fire Pits Are More Popular Among European and American Residents, Accounting for Nearly 90% of the Market

Common outdoor fire pits can be divided into wood fire pits, charcoal fire pits, propane fire pits, natural gas fire pits, bioethanol fire pits, and gel fuel fire pits according to the original combustion. A wood-fired fire pit is a fire pit that uses wood as fuel. It\'s a traditional campfire experience, with pops and crackles that give off more heat as it burns. The charcoal fire pit is economical, with sufficient raw materials and convenient sources. The disadvantage is that some charcoal will produce smoke pollution and a pungent odor when it is burned. A propane fire pit is a fire pit that uses propane as fuel. Most propane fire pits have electronic ignitions, so you can avoid the risk of inhaling smoke from traditional wood-fired fire pits. Natural gas fire pits can provide clean combustion, reducing emissions and toxins from the combustion process. Natural gas, which is mainly composed of methane, has a low density and rises when released into the air, meaning there is a reduced risk of accidental fires. Bioethanol fire pits are a highly eco-friendly solution that will not produce smoke or any harmful toxins when ignited. It is a renewable energy source produced from plant by-products from crops such as sugar cane, corn, rice and even grapes. Gel-filled fire pits for smaller gardens, patios, or balconies use a thickener with isopropyl alcohol or methanol. Although people\'s awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, the development of environmentally friendly fire pits is still immature. At present, the types of fire pits on the market are still dominated by traditional wood-burning fire pits. In 2020, the market shares of wood-fired fire pits, charcoal fire pits, propane fire pits, natural gas fire pits, bio-ethanol fire pits, and gel fuel fire pits were 66.11%, 13.86%, 12.20%, 4.03%, 1.91%, and 1.89%, respectively.

From the application point of view, outdoor fire pits are divided into two categories: household and commercial. Home outdoor fire pits are often placed in the backyard or balcony to create a cozy entertaining atmosphere. Commercial outdoor fire pits are commonly used in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, multi-family hotels, etc., and can be used to decorate and attract customers. With the improvement of consumption level and people\'s quality of life, consumers are very keen on indoor activities such as outdoor leisure, cooking, dining and entertaining family and friends. In 2020, the market share of household and commercial outdoor fire pits will be 68.96% and 31.04%, respectively.

COVID-19 Has Had a Negative Impact on the Outdoor Fire Pit Market, But Outdoor Fire Pits in Emerging Countries are Still Developing Rapidly

During the COVID-19 period, global economic development has stalled, many people are idle at home, the spending power of consumers in outdoor fire pits has decreased, and the purchasing demand has decreased. Secondly, as governments of various countries require the masses to self-isolate and ban parties, few people will go to outdoor picnics, which directly reduces the demand for outdoor fire pit products and has a huge negative impact on the industry.

At present, the outdoor fire pit market is still dominated by developed countries in Europe and the United States. In 2020, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, the Middle East and Africa accounted for 47.19%, 38.04%, 6.77%, 3.81%, and 4.20% of the market, respectively. The steady rise in financial capacity and disposable income in emerging countries will drive demand for furniture in the residential sector. The growing interest in improving the quality of life and healthy living will also drive the growth of the outdoor living industry.

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With the continuous economic development of developing countries and the acceleration of urbanization, the urban population is growing rapidly. Especially in countries with high population density and rapid economic development, such as China, there is less and less land and more and more high-rise residential buildings. Average household size continues to decline across countries as households move from rural areas to cities and from houses to apartments. Due to the widening urban-rural gap and the growing popularity of apartment living, most of the urban population lives in tiny houses without gardens. Compared with villa-style private houses, apartment-style houses have lower costs and larger usable areas, and developers have shifted from building villas to building apartments. As a result, the number of homes lacking gardens continues to grow, expectations for outdoor activities increase, and the need to install outdoor fire pits on balconies increases.

People\'s Pursuit of Life Improvement Promote Outdoor Fire Pit Design Innovation and Application Expansion

Since consumers have a certain opportunity cost when they choose the same location in shopping malls or hotels and other leisure places, to enhance the opportunities they choose, they must amplify their uniqueness. Therefore, many shopping malls and hotels install outdoor fire pits to enhance the consumption experience. In addition, some enterprises have also built new open-air garden rest places, outdoor stoves for heating, green spaces, architectural design renovation, renovation of decorative materials such as tables and chairs, virtual reality entertainment centers, private VIP rooms, private elevators, etc., which have played a positive role in the development of outdoor fire pits.

The global outdoor fire pit market size was valued at USD 138.96 million in 2015 and will increase to USD 165.56 million in 2020. With the popularity of outdoor living, so are fire pit products. Therefore, we predict that the global outdoor fire pit market size will reach USD 204.88 million by 2025.

The quest for outdoor fire pits has led to a desire to make the most of outdoor spaces such as backyards and balconies. With outdoor fire pits becoming a popular outdoor home design trend worldwide, many manufacturers are committed to developing innovative products to meet people\'s needs. Some of the new product trends including gas fireplaces, battery-operated controls that can light a flame from indoors, underground fire pits, multi-level fire pit terraces, fire pits with built-in seating walls and some new burners will provide opportunities for the market. At the same time, with the development of architectural styles, simple and modern architectural styles are being welcomed by more and more people. Therefore, the shapes of outdoor fire pits in the future will be more diverse to suit the architectural style.

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