The US Hair Extension Industry is Driven by Celebrity Effects and Social Media, and the Supply of Raw Materials is Valued

Hair extensions are human or synthetic hair used to add length or volume to natural human hair. These hair extensions are generally stuck, clipped, or sewed to natural human hair. These methods include clip-in extensions, fusion & pre-bonded, tape-in extensions, and more. Human hair is made of real human hair. Human hair offers the most natural look and feel. And it would more expensive, with the proper care, it is also more durable. Synthetic hair is made of various materials and contain no human hair. They do not last as long as human hair because they can be easily damaged by friction and heat. But synthetic fibers are much less expensive than human hair.

Clip-in is a method of hair extensions that clip into the natural hair, through clips that are sewn onto the weft of the extension. They usually range in width for different areas of the head, from one clip for the area in front of the ear, to three or four clips for the back of the head. Fusion & Pre-Bonded use a small protein keratin-based polymer bond to attach extensions to the root. The protein keratin bond offers more flexibility than hot-glue, and results in more natural-feeling and looking hair. Tape-in extensions are applied with a polyurethane tape, either double-sided or single-sided, depending on the thickness of natural hair.

The wide spread of social media drives the growth of demand in the hair extension industry

The majority of hair goods consumption in the United States is by consumers of African descent whose demand for hair extension goods is relatively inelastic and recurring. Hair goods are necessities for most women of African descent due to their naturally curly and kinky hair. Particularly, consumers of African descent in the United States have higher purchasing power than their counterparts in Africa. The United States is the largest import and consumption country for hair goods. In the near future, the increasing income of consumers and increasing population of African descent will very likely translate into a growing demand for hair extension goods.

The celebrity effect can drive sales of hair extension merchandise. Social media is especially useful when reaching the younger generation. Social media can give people a glimpse into the lives of celebrities and the variety of looks celebrities wear to events, which can propel a style into the limelight overnight. Hair extensions are an excellent alternative when a particular celebrity\'s hairstyle is the trend of the moment and the consumer\'s own hair is not enough to meet the demand. For this reason, the growth of the entertainment and fashion industries, the growing popularity of celebrity hair extensions, and the expanding influence of social media are all likely to drive the demand for hair extensions.

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The development trend of United States human hair extension industry

At this stage, there are no clear regulations in the United States regarding the labeling of hair sold, imported or used. Although a set of hair extensions is labeled "100% human hair," the manufacturer is under no obligation to restrict its materials. However, as consumers demand more quality, they are placing more importance on the source of their hair extensions. As a result, providers of hair extensions need to be more aware of where their products come from and to ensure the quality of their goods.

Since hair extensions are imported primarily from Asian countries, if the Company is unable to maintain a working relationship with its suppliers, it will not be able to fulfill customer orders, resulting in a negative impact on business operations. Sellers who use human hair wigs, in particular, rely on their relationships with suppliers to provide them with an adequate supply of materials, which local sellers in the United States package, process and sell to their customers through brick-and-mortar retail stores and online sales. The ability of suppliers to obtain sufficient quantities of human hair is critical. The price of eligible raw materials may fluctuate significantly due to a number of factors, including general shortages of materials, unanticipated increases in demand for materials, disruptions in our suppliers\' business operations and competitive pressures among our suppliers to increase the price of materials. From time to time, suppliers may also choose to extend delivery times or restrict supply due to material shortages. In addition, any significant increase in the price of materials that cannot be passed on to consumers could have a material adverse effect on the financial condition or operations of the business. If a major supplier were to cancel its distribution agreements with the hair extension companies, thereby disrupting the supply chain, it would result in a reduction in product sales until the Company could find a suitable alternative supplier. Any such disruption would have an adverse effect on the business and results of operations of the enterprise.

Promotion is a very important means of building product awareness and stimulating people to buy the product. The use of promotions is very important when hair extension players want to expand their market share. It is very important for companies to have a presence on the internet. The Internet offers unlimited opportunities to reach potential customers, and in order to keep up with the competition, it is important to take full advantage of these opportunities. In addition, communication via the Internet is fast and inexpensive, distance and time do not matter, and there is no limit to size. Partnering with popular celebrity is also an important tool, and promoting the brand through their visibility can quickly gain fans, but the right choice is essential. The choice of effective marketing tools will help companies to better build brand equity and expand their businesses.

In order to improve the quality of raw materials, reduce discomfort, and improve the authenticity and aesthetics of hair products, especially those made from synthetic fibers, providers of hair extension goods are increasingly focusing on innovation in production technology and product design. Through the introduction of machinery, the production process of dyeing, washing, weaving and other parts of the production process is highly automated. In addition, technological innovations in the chemicals used in the production process, such as high-quality conditioners and detergents, are enabling more manufacturers to maintain the quality of raw materials, such as fragile human hair. In terms of product design, hair extensions with the latest fashion features are becoming increasingly popular, especially among consumers in developed countries such as the United States, which in turn will stimulate more hair extension companies to focus on product design rather than simply satisfying customers\' needs and introduce more profitable products to the market.

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