Products’ Diversification Has Intensified, and Global Tablet Cover and Case Market Has Become Increasingly Competitive

In the mid - to late 1990s, cases took advantage of the slimming down of mobile phones.  With the continuous development of the product, the protective case is no longer a simple practical commodity.  With the popularity of mobile phones and tablet computers among the young people, almost every young person who pursues fashion wants to own a unique mobile phone or tablet computer, and giving mobile phones and tablet computers beauty gradually becomes a way for them to show their personality.  To meet this trend, case makers have introduced more sophisticated products with more unique color patterns, which has led to a wider variety of cases.  
According to the different material, the tablet cover and case can be divided into leather material, silicone material and other materials (such as tempered glass, etc.).  Among the various types of protective cases, leather cases are more popular.  Business people in the workplace prefer a decent leather case to a single style silicone case.  But the quality of the holster is also uneven.  Cheap leather naturally won\'t be made of real leather, mostly artificial leather or fake leather, will appear cracking phenomenon soon after use.  
And silicone soft, touch slightly slippery, popular in the market for many years.  There are two types of silicone: one is silicone and the other is inorganic silicone.  Silicone has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, weather resistance (not afraid of ultraviolet light or ozone decomposition), good insulation, material stability and so on.  In addition, silicone waterproof, become the biggest selling point of silicone flat cover.  
Data show that in 2019, the global leather tablet cover and case market revenue accounted for 33.93%, and silicone products accounted for 13.29%, compared with the leather case there is a certain gap.  In terms of sales channels, online stores dominate.  In 2019, the sales revenue of tablet cover and cases in online stores accounted for 59.11% globally, while in physical stores, the sales revenue of tablet cover and cases in multi-brand stores accounted for 16.35%, and that of single-brand stores accounted for 25.54%.

The development status of global tablet cover and case market in various regions 

The research shows that the global tablet cover and case market is mainly concentrated in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  Among them, Europe is the largest market in terms of revenue. In 2019, Europe\'s tablet cover and case market revenue was $109.02 million, accounting for 30.10% of the global market share.  Asia Pacific ranked second with 29.72% share and $107.62 million in market revenue.  North America is the third largest market by revenue, accounting for $105.22 million in 2019, accounting for 29.05% of the global market.  However, the Middle East & Africa and Latin America have smaller market shares, accounting for only 4.91% and 6.22% respectively in 2019.

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Analysis of the future development trend of the tablet cover and case market  

According to the data, the total market revenue of the global tablet cover and case industry was $363.28 million in 2015, followed by three consecutive years of negative growth, falling to $260.49 million in 2018.  However, the e-commerce market is likely to grow the fastest as the retail sector evolves and thanks to the ease of use of shopping websites, convenient alternatives and fairly low discounts.  In addition to maintaining traditional distribution channels, adopting new online retail models will also be crucial.  New technologies may lead to more efficient delivery or production methods and improved product functionality.  
The tablet cover and case industry has taken a number of new steps to encourage consumers to shop online, including flexible delivery methods.  The e-commerce sector has become an integral part of the tablet cover and case industry.  The addition of attractive features like free returns and a wide range of shipping options is driving e-commerce in the tablet cover and case space.  The total global tablet cover and case market is expected to grow to $374.30 million by 2025.  
From a vendor perspective, lower development cycles and lower product life cycles are driving the demand in the tablet cover and case market.  In addition, the growing awareness of consumers, especially in the younger age group, for stylish and aesthetically pleasing tablet cover and cases is one of the key drivers of the market.  
However, in China, the use of a variety of high-end mobile phones and tablet computers is increasingly common and popular.  Seeing the development prospect of the global tablet cover and case, domestic case manufacturers have sprung up like mushrooms.  These companies produce protective cases in a variety of materials, but also pay attention to the beauty of the case, personality, and quality.  The diversification of the protective case, the diversification is emerging in an endless stream, making the market competition increasingly fierce.  In addition, it is surprising that the price of some cases is much higher than the price of the phone or tablet itself, which will have a certain negative impact on the development of the industry.  
In addition, the tablet cover and case market is a highly fragmented market with a large number of small regional players and a limited number of large multinational players.  Due to market fragmentation and low entry threshold, it is relatively easy for enterprises to enter such industries, which leads to shortcomings such as insufficient economies of scale, high degree of product differentiation and insufficient bargaining power.

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