The Domestic Aseptic Packaging Industry Represented by new Jufeng Ushered in Development Opportunities

Aseptic packaging industry technology and food safety requirements are higher, the downstream customer certification is strict, need to have large-scale production capacity, so the industry barriers are high. Industrial chain: upstream for base paper, PE and other bulk materials, the main downstream application of liquid milk at room temperature. The downstream of aseptic packaging industry is mainly dairy industry and non-carbonated beverage industry. Dairy products occupy a dominant position in the revenue share of Tetra Pak, New Jufeng and Vens Packaging.

Foreign suppliers such as Tepak occupy a leading position in the domestic aseptic packaging market. Tepak has carried out patent layout in the core aseptic filling and packaging material innovation for many years, and is the leader in the aseptic packaging industry. In 2020, it will account for 52.63% of the domestic aseptic packaging market share, and is the main supplier of dairy enterprises such as Yili, Mengniu and Bright. However, as the patents applied by Tetra Pak before 2003 have expired, the introduction of the domestic anti-monopoly law and the anti-monopoly penalty on Tetra Pak in 2016 have provided opportunities for the development of domestic aseptic packaging enterprises.

As the technology of domestic aseptic packaging enterprises continues to mature, with price advantages, Tetra Pak\'s share in domestic aseptic packaging sales decreased by nearly 20% from 2009 to 2020. In recent years, domestic aseptic packaging enterprises have made continuous breakthroughs in many fields, and domestic industry integration and substitution have been steadily promoted. In 2022, the leading new Jufeng of domestic aseptic packaging will be listed, which will accelerate the integration of domestic aseptic packaging industry, realize the accelerated catch-up of technological field and market expansion, and achieve the only domestic holding enterprise of scale supply of aseptic packaging. At present, New Jufeng has become the second largest supplier of Yili aseptic roller packaging. In 2020, the purchase proportion of Yili aseptic packaging is 17%~22%, which is still a big gap compared with Tetra Pak\'s 57%~62%.

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