The Demand for High-purity Quartz Sand Is Expected to Reach 141,000 tons in 2024

High purity quartz sand refers to the high purity of SiO₂, and the content of impurity elements is very low quartz and its products.  High purity quartz sand is not a kind of mineral, but a product purified by granite quartz, gangue quartz, natural crystal and other ores as raw materials. Due to the gradual depletion of natural crystal resources, it is the mainstream production process of the industry to purify granite and gangue quartz as raw materials.  At present, combining different index systems, considering raw material ore quality, test means, existing purification process and industry quality requirements, the high purity quartz standard used in our country is: SiO₂ purity is greater than 99.9% quartz.  
According to the content of SiO₂, high purity quartz sand can be classified into three classes: low-end (3N), mid-end (4N), and high-end (4N8).  Among them, low and mid-end products have been replaced by domestic products, while high-end products mainly rely on overseas imports.

Source: Market Monitor Co., Limited 

From the perspective of downstream application fields, high purity quartz sand is in great demand in semiconductor, photovoltaic, optical communication, electric light source and other fields.  Among them, 65.30% are used in semiconductor industry;  Optical communication consumption accounted for 14.80%;  Photovoltaic consumption accounted for 11.93%;  The consumption of electric light source accounted for 3.90%;  Consumption in other areas accounted for 4.04%.  Strategic emerging industries such as semiconductors, photovoltaics, optical communications and electric light sources account for about 96 percent of consumption.

Source: Market Monitor Co., Limited 

In terms of the development of major enterprises in the industry, only Unimin in the United States, TQC in Norway and Pacific Quartz in China are capable of mass production of high purity quartz sand. Due to the complex purification process of high purity quartz sand and high technical barriers, the concentration of production technology is high.  
At present, the domestic production of high purity quartz sand is mainly concentrated in quartz shares, quartz shares long-term commitment to high purity quartz sand production technology research and development and innovation, product quality is more stable, more perfect process technology, has become one of the world\'s few master large-scale production of high purity quartz sand technology.  
High purity quartz sand purity, good quality, the production of quartz products with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, high insulation and light transmission and other excellent physical and chemical properties, is widely used in photovoltaic, electronics, high-end electrical light source, film materials, national defense technology and other fields, is the high-end manufacturing industry irreplaceable raw and auxiliary materials.  Looking into the future, with the rapid growth of the above industries, the application technology and market prospects of high purity quartz materials are very broad.  From the subdivision of the field, photovoltaic high purity quartz sand as an important raw material for the preparation of quartz cyanosis cochlea, by the downstream photovoltaic expansion pull significantly.  It is expected that the domestic demand for photovoltaic high purity quartz sand will reach 99,000 tons in 2023, with a year-on-year growth of 72%, and the demand for high purity quartz sand is expected to reach 141,000 tons in 2024.
For more information on the industry, please refer to the latest Global and Regional High Purity Quartz Sand Market Details Research Report 2023-2028released by Market Monitor Co., Limited.
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