The North American Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Market is Growing Steadily, and UV Cure Technology is Gaining Popularity

CIPP is a resin-saturated felt pipe or strong casing composed of polyesterthat can be inverted or pulled into aging and damaged sewage pipes. Typically,CIPP-lined pipes are inserted into damaged pipes by the action of air or waterpressure. The resin is cured using hot water or steam, and then forms a solid,corrosion-resistant mass that lines the interior dimensions of sewer pipes,takes the form of

Online Sales of Office Stationery and Supplies B2B Expected to Boost Market Growth with Customized Services

Office stationery and supplies are utility items as office andcommercial spaces used by businesses and other organizations, individualsengaged in written communications, recording or accounting, cleaning andstoring supplies or data. B2B sales of office stationery and supplies occurprimarily between retailers and businesses, most often between offices andmarketers.

Weather Forecasting Services are Related to the Development of All Walks of life, Developing Steadily Under the Promotion of Renewable Energy

Weather forecasting service is the application of science andtechnology to predict atmospheric conditions at a given location and time.Accurate weather forecasting plays a vital role in maintaining safety levels inthe aviation, utilities, maritime, shipping, oil and gas, agriculture, media,retail, renewable energy and insurance industries.

Valet Robots are More Convenient and Efficient for Parking, which Will be Widely Used in the Future

Due to the influx of vehicles on the road, citizens inevitably haveto struggle with traffic congestion every day. The lack of parkinginfrastructure and the soaring vehicle-to-population ratio have compounded theproblem. The advent of valet robots solves this problem, using a variety ofsensors, embedded software, and actuators to lift and transport cars from oneplace to another without the need for

Related Industries Have Paid More Attention to Copolyester Due to Its Excellent Performance

Copolyester is a new type of plastic raw material, which not onlyhas flexibility and versatility, but also has good properties such as hightransparency, good impact strength, and chemical resistance. Copolyesters are often divided into: PET, PETG and PCTG, PCTA, PCTby type. The market shares in 2020 are 39.37% and 46.53% respectively.

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