White-spirits Market is Welcoming the Boom Season Again

WithChinese lunar New Year in the corner, Jiugui Liquor has fallen into theovercast cloud of cyclamate due to the report of its former dealer. Until the23 rd of December, the market value of Jiugui Liquor has evaporatedabout 1.2 billion Yua

Craft Beer Breaks the Prisoner's Dilemma in China's Beer Industry

Picture of Panda Brew on its website Inrecent years, craft beer has become more and more popular among consumers dueto its rich variety, taste and personalized consumption scene. Inorder to promote the standardized development of the domest

Hemp in Trend, High-tech is Essential

TillJanuary 2019, 41 countries worldwide have legalized the medical use of hemp,and more than 50 countries made CBD legitimate. Hemp has inevitably become apopular industry. Although China has not legalizing the application of hemp,Yunnan P

Semiconductor: OEM Packaging and Testing Market

Withthe upgrading of the semiconductor industry, all links in the industrial chainhave gradually become specialized. At present, global market value of OEM (OriginalEquipment Manufacturer) packaging and testing market has exceeded 30 billio

Semiconductor Design: Fabless

Insemiconductor industry, IC design is the most important sub-sector, whichdetermines the current status and also guides the development direction.Currently, the IC design industry accounts for 38% of the entire semiconductorindustry. As te

The Necessity of Independent Controllability of the Supply Chain: Enlightenment from Japan’s Semiconductor material sanctions towards South Korea

Due to the increased trade friction between Japan and South Korea, Japan announced on July 1st that sanctions will be applied on the export towards South Korea, including high-purity hydrogen fluoride “used in semiconductor manufacturing”, photoresist “coated on semiconductor substrates”...

New Concept of First Aid was Popularized, and AED Industry will be Benefited

In China, 41 cases of sudden cardiac death may occur per 100,000 people, and the number of deaths due to cardiac arrest exceeds 545,000 per year. After 4 to 6 minutes of cardiac arrest, if the rescue resuscitation is not obtained, the patient's brain and other important human ...

Fingerprint Recognition under Optical Screen: Fully Manual Solution for the Full-screen Concept

Oncethe full-screen concept was introduced, it quickly occupied the mobile phonemarket. At present, the traditional ‘HOME’ key capacitive fingerprint unlockingis a rare design for new mobile phones. The full screen provides a morecomple

Glass-plastic Hybrid Lens: Another Upgrade of Mobile Phone Lens Industry

Itis reported that Huawei's Mate 30 series, which is scheduled to be released inthe autumn of 2019, will cancel the periscope lens design, but the flagshipproduct expected to be launched next year will still adopt the periscopedesign, and w

TWS Earbuds Market will be the Focus of AI Era

At the end ofOctober, Apple’s third-generation TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds, AirPodsPro, was sold on the official website for 249 US dollars. This price is higherthan the previous two generations, but the purchase desire of consumer

Construction of 5G Brings Opportunity to Mainland China PCB Ink Enterprises

At the WorldMobile Communications Conference in 2019, Huawei released the signal of leadinga global 5G business, and the development of the 5G industry will bring stable growthmomentum to relevant industries. PCB ink is used as an adhesive

Offshore Wind Turbine Industry is Developing under the Support of Governments

InMarch 2019, Hornsea Wind Farm has started to provide electricity to Britishpeople. Till August, 100 wind turbines had been successfully placed in HornseaWind Farm, and the rest 74 will be set up before the end of 2021. At that time,the ca

Chinese-style Use of Blockchain

Onthe 24 th of October, President Xi pointed out that the blockchainshould be regarded as an important breakthrough for China's core technologyindependent innovation in the eighteenth collective study of the status quo andtrend of blockchai

Growing Construction Machinery Rental Market in China

Althoughmedias continuously downsizing the real estate market in China, its developmenthas maintained a growing momentum. Meanwhile, the construction of publicfacilities in China has become increasingly hot under the PPP (Public-PrivatePart

Copper Clad Laminate is Moving towards Customization

Withthe official application of 5G network, both the demand and the price of itsupstream product, printed circuit board (PCB) has increased. Affected by thisone and only downstream industry, copper clad laminate (CCL) industry willwelcome a

5G Mobile Phone Cooling Demand Upgrade: Graphite Heat Conductive Material Market is in the Ascendant

OnAugust 16, Huawei released Mate 20X 5G mobile phone. Within a minute, all majorsales platforms have shown "no goods." According to the data of theday before the official seal, the number of reservations for this mobile phoneexceeded 1 mil

5G Commercialization will Provide a Larger Stage for the Electromagnetic Shielding Industry

Recently,CEO of Huawei’s mobile phone business said at the Mate 20X conference that oneof the core issues that 5G mobile phone manufacturers need to solve is signalprocessing problem. Theare many developments of smart phones these years,

A 4.50% GAGR is Predicted to the Winches Market (2019-2026), Segmented by Type (Manual Winches, Pneumatic Winches, Electic Winches), Application (Marine Winches, Mining Winches, Other), and region (NA, EU, and etc.)

A winch is a power-driven equipment used towind a rope or a cable. Winches are widely used for lifting and moving allkinds of loads in various applications, such as marine, industrial, renewables,automotive and civil engineering, among othe

Keen Insight for Industry Trend: Glass Screen Protector Market Value Analysis by 2026

Glass Screen Protector Theglass screen protector is used to protect the screen of cell phones from scratches, dust and harmful elements in the environment. Market trend Snapshot Global Glass Screen Protector market was valued at 54 million

Collaborative Robots Global Market Analysis Report 2019-2026: Type (up to 5 Kg, from 6 Kg to 10 Kg, above 10 Kg), Application (Packaging, Assembling, Material Handling, Machine Tending, Quality Testing, Others), and region (NA, EU, and etc.)

According to the report, the CollaborativeRobots market is predicted to achieve USD 3,693 million by 2026. This reportexamines the status quo and projections of the global Collaborative Robotsmarket and analyzes the Collaborative Robots mar

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