It Will be A Focus of Domestic New Medical Dressings of the Local Market

Medical dressing mainly provides an aseptic and isolated environment for wound, to prevent the spread of infection source between medical staff and patients, between patients and patients during invasive surgery, and to effectively control cross-infection in hospital, which is an essential material in the inva...

Further Development of Health Products Industry

With the improvement of living standards of the public to further promote the quality of material life and have a higher ability to pay attention to the health of themselves and their families, how to keep in good health has become the topic of most people's communication.

Ventilator Industry in China Meets a Rare Opportunity

Ventilator has become an indispensable medical device, which caneffectively replace artificial ventilation in respiratory failure, anesthesia,and emergency resuscitation of the respiratory tract. And it also canprevent respiratory failure

The Clinical Waste Management Is A Long-Term Topic

With the improvement of the medical technology and the life rhythm of the public, as well as the inherent property of the medical industry, the utilization rate of the disposable medical products has greatly increased, resulting in more pressure for the management of clinical waste, which has become a major so...

The Development of the Domestic Medical Equipment After the Epidemic

It is a common phenomenon for medical devices to enter ordinary people's homes, which had some simple medical devices that are convenient and practical, especially for families with chronic diseases as early as many years ago, such as thermometers, stethoscopes, and sphygmomanometers. 

Supportive Policies Will be a new Engine for the Seismic Reduction and Isolation Industry

Earthquake disaster is a serious threat to our lives and property safety, China has been deeply affected by the earthquake disaster.

A Break Point of Animal Vaccine

The global demand for animal vaccine has been expanding in recent years due to some factors of the way of animal feeding, the condition of infection and the increasingly updated vaccine...

Domestic ESG Industry with Huge Potential

Electronic special gas belongs to a branch of industrial gas, which is divided into special gas and ordinary gas. 

Domestic Track Equipment Industry Ushers in A New Opportunity

Track equipment is an indispensable processing part of chip making, which realizes the transmission and processing of wafer between various systems by the manipulator to cooperate with the lithography mach...

Domestic EDA Industry Waiting to be Booming

EDA, located at the top of the pyramid of chip industry, is the most high-end industry of IC design, which is known as the “mother of electronic industry”. 

Opportunities and Challenges of IC Design Industry in China Under the Ban By the US

It is an urgent task to improve the level of national chips and relevant technology.

Ethylene Carbonate Industry is Accelerating with the Booming of Electric Passenger Car

Ethylene carbonate (EC) is currently in tight supply and the price has risen sharply. On the 23rd of May, it rose another $150/ton. The current price is around $3,300 per ton, up about $2,000 from the same period last year.

Economic Animal Vaccine Market in China Will Grow with the Development of Large-scale Farming

A few months ago, African swine fever was confirmed in South Korea, marking that this devastating epidemic is still raging in Asia. In the past few months, the aquaculture industry has suffered severe economic losses and consumers’ concerns about food safety have intensified.

Smart Watch Positioning in High-end Market, Complete "Independent" is Difficult to Achieve

With true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds being a trend, many people are considering replacing smart phones with smart wearable devices (TWS earbuds + smart watches). In fact, smartphones are no longer purely functional machines. 

Nut Industry in China is Developing Steadily

Ithas been more than 4 years since Wolong’s fist product Daily Nuts went onmarket. This product has not only become a marketing paradigm for the nutindustry, but also opened a new era of mixed nuts. With the promotion of thenut consumptio

You are Driving the Growth of Digital Reading At This Moment

Digital reading has become the main approach to acquire knowledge, culture, and wisdom for people, which offers a fantastic environment for nationwide reading. 

Chinese Waste Classification: Plastic Trash Can Industry and Its Upstream Industries

Withthe implementation of the Shanghai Municipal Waste Management Regulations onJuly 1, the market demand for trash cans has been blown out. The subject matterof classified garbage bins of Shanghai Pudong Airport is at a value of about 2mil

The Internet of Vehicle Rises Strongly

When encountering 5G and AI, the car industry will be reformed revolutionarily, which has attracted the attention of the public.

Smart Medicine Sets Sail

It will bring a sharp increase in the medical needsof the deepening of the aging population in China. Also, the prevalence ofchronic diseases has increased, expanding the demand for medical resources withthe inevitable growth of the urbaniz

The Domestic Lead-acid leader Expands Lithium Electricity Market

With the continuous follow-up of the regenerated lead, the proportion of the its business may gradually rise and the lithium battery business is also expected to benefit from the increased penetration of the 48V electrical system.

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