Automobile Braking System: Stop the Disaster and Move Towards Intelligence

The automobile brake system consists of a series of special devices that slow down or stop a driving car, or stabilize the speed of the car when it goes downhill, and keep the stopped car stable, providing an important guarantee for car driving safety.

Industry Chain of Automobile Brake System Industry

The industrial chain of the automobile brake system industry includes raw material and component suppliers, automobile brake system manufacturers, and automobile OEMs.

The upstream of the automotive brake system industry chain is mainly suppliers of raw materials and parts. The raw materials mainly involve steel and aluminum. China is a large producer of steel and aluminum, so the supply of raw materials is sufficient. However, the content of steel and aluminum in spare parts is low, which puts manufacturers in a relatively disadvantaged position when purchasing raw materials.

The middle reaches of the industrial chain are mainly manufacturers of automotive brake systems, and their business scope covers the entire process from research and development to sales of automotive brake systems. The structure of the automobile brake system is relatively complex and involves a wide range of disciplines, including materials, electronics, and machinery. Besides, the quality of automobile brake products is related to the life and safety of drivers. Therefore, the industry has extremely strict requirements on the quality of automobile brake products. When selecting an automobile brake system supplier, OEMs often take potential suppliers’ previous market performance, quality assurance capabilities, supply capabilities, and R&D capabilities into consideration. Brake system manufacturers and automobile OEMs have deepened their cooperation in R&D, production, and product matching. The relationship between the two parties has been continuously strengthened in business exchanges. On the one hand, their business scope and capabilities have been improved, and on the other hand, it virtually increases the cost of replacing brake system suppliers with automobile OEMs, making new entrants face greater difficulties in market expansion.

Current Status of Global and Chinese Automotive Brake Systems

The automotive brake system industry is closely related to the automotive industry. Driven by the global automotive industry, the automotive brake system industry is booming. The data shows that in recent years, the global automotive brake system industry market has shown an upward trend, increasing from US$60 billion in 2017 to US$67.3 billion in 2020. In China, benefiting from the increase in sales of new energy vehicles, the automotive brake system market has increased year by year, from 30.8 billion yuan in 2016 to 43.6 billion yuan in 2020. In the future, under the influence of various factors, the market scale of the domestic automotive brake system industry will maintain a steady growth.


Safety Requirements Have Become an Important Support for Automobile Braking Systems

Safety is one of the most important issues in the automotive industry. With the development of automobile technology, the safety performance of the product greatly affects the consumer's decision-making, and the safety performance of the product has become the focus of competition among automobile manufacturers. Car manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers have released many car safety technology products, and a variety of car safety systems are gradually becoming the standard.

Automotive Electronics Drive the Development of the Automotive Brake System Industry

With the increasing requirements for the safety of automobile braking systems, electronic braking systems have emerged. The advancement of science and technology is reorganizing all mankind, changing human production and lifestyle, and the form of automobile braking system is also changing. The electronic braking system gradually replaced the traditional braking system. Modern automobile brake systems are moving in the direction of electronic brake control. The electronic brake and the centralized control electronic control unit play a role in the overall control of the braking system. The all-electric brake control replaces the traditional hydraulic brake system with significant advantages. The automobile electronic brake system is integrated with other automobile electronic systems such as automobile electronic suspension system, automobile active direction swing stabilization system, and unmanned driving system, forming a complete automobile electronic system.

Automobile Braking System Will Become an Important Execution Layer of Autonomous Driving

The automobile braking system is an important execution layer of autonomous driving. With the development of autonomous driving technology, automobile braking systems will develop in a more intelligent, safe, and efficient direction. So far, autonomous driving technology has developed rapidly, equipped with advanced driver assistance systems and realized mass production, which has promoted the expansion of the market capacity of automotive braking systems.

China's automobile brake system industry has begun to take shape. There are more than 200 automobile brake system manufacturers with certain R&D and production capabilities in the production of traditional automobile brake systems. However, most domestic automobile brake system manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is a certain gap between independent R&D and innovation capabilities and foreign-funded enterprises. There are still many shortcomings in the production technology of domestic automotive brake systems, and they are currently in the stage of catching up. The systematic and modular supply capacity of the company is still in its infancy. Only a few have a certain scale and have the ability to provide supporting systems for the entire vehicle, and their overall competitiveness is weak.

The current automobile brake system industry competition pattern is mainly divided into three echelons. The leading echelon is a comprehensive enterprise mainly composed of Bosch Group and Continental Group; the second echelon is capable of mass production of electronic parking brake systems and systems; the third echelon is equipped with devices for the production of brakes and other automotive braking systems, but lacks the production experience of electric control products, mainly focusing on the automotive after-sales maintenance market.

China’s automotive brake system industry is an open competitive market. It is believed that as the global procurement situation intensifies, the domestic automotive parts industry has entered the global procurement system. At the same time, driven by the domestic and international dual cycle, domestic automotive brake system manufacturers usher in development opportunities.

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