The Ring Forging Industry Continues to Develop, And Aviation Forging Provides More Domestic Opportunities

Ring forging is a new technology of rolling formed by the cross-combination of mechanical parts manufacturing technology, which has the advantages of small load, high efficiency, fully uniform deformation, material saving, and no forging, as well as low noise and good performance, compared with ordinary forging forming such as free forging, thus, ring rolling technology has become an important part of advanced manufacturing technology.

Ring forgings are widely used in wind power equipment, construction machinery, mining machinery, ships, and aerospace, among which wind power equipment and construction machinery are the two main application areas.

In recent years, the ring forging industry in China has implemented product structure adjustments in power, metallurgy, and petrochemical to increase product added value, transform and eliminate high-pollution, high-energy, and low-efficiency equipment. To correct the method of the development mode relying on resources and sacrificing the environment, it will provide a good opportunity for the development of the large forging industry to promote wind power and other renewable energy.

Development Status of Ring Forging Industry

Poor working conditions and difficulties in recruiting workers. Due to the particularity of the industry, workshop workers need to be in close contact with high-temperature forgings and equipment for a long time. The average temperature is 1000°C. The heat radiation and high-temperature oxide scale splashed during forging will burn the workers' skin. The age of front-line workers generally shows an aging trend. Even if new young people join, their jobs are mostly equipment operators. Therefore, the difficulty of recruiting front-line workers and the cost of recruiting workers will continue to increase in the future.

energy consumption and environmental protection restrictions. At present, the state strictly controls energy consumption indicators and repeatedly emphasizes environmental protection issues. A series of policies have been adopted to restrict local energy consumption indicators and the energy consumption approval power of relevant departments to limit high energy consumption and environmental protection projects. The gas and electricity equivalent of the standard coal consumption of large-scale equipment in the traditional ring forging industry far exceeds the regulatory requirements, so the development of the ring forging industry toward green manufacturing, energy-saving manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend.

Low production capacity and poor quality. Large-scale forging, heat treatment, and machining equipment have excessive processing capacity, and workshop layout and production scheduling are unreasonable, in which equipment is mechanized or semi-automated and forging processing allowance is too large, resulting in product quality greatly affected by human factors.

The mold life is short. According to the actual production, it is difficult to obtain accurate process parameters, and the design of the mold cannot be optimized to the maximum. After a certain number of uses, the mold has an unperfect performance and needs to be replaced and repaired regularly, which not only affects the production schedule, but also increases production costs.

Wind Power Industry Development Is Good for Ring Forging Industry

As wind power products have higher requirements, the development of the wind power industry has gradually shifted from quantity to quality, which has entered a new stage of steady and continuous growth. Driven by the national policy, the wind power industry in China has broad development prospects, providing good development opportunities for upstream wind power equipment and supporting ring forging industries.

Made in China 2025Proposes to Promote the Industrialization of General-Purpose Aircraft to Help the Development of the Forging and Casting Industry

Made in China 2025is a significant strategy deploy based on the general trend of international industrial change, aiming to comprehensively improve the quality and level of the domestic manufacturing. And it proposes to speed up research for the large-scale aircraft in aviation and encourages international cooperation in the development of heavy helicopters to promote the industrialization of trunk and regional aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and general aircraft.

The forging and casting industry has always been accompanied by the development of the aviation industry. The metal forging and casting business is one of the foundations for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. The development level of aviation high-end forging and casting has become an important indicator of a  comprehensive national strength, which is beneficial from the development of the aviation industry.

With the transfer of the forging industry to China and the development of domestic aviation manufacturing, this market will become more attractive. Aviation forging has shown the trend toward intelligence and green, both of which have higher requirements for technology and enterprise. Intelligence requires higher production efficiency and product accuracy, more stable repeatability, more flexible production methods, lower labor intensity, and faster market response speed, and a more comprehensive enterprise information system. Green needs to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce dust and waste.

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From the perspective of the competitive landscape, the company is required to participate in the design and finalization in the early stage of equipment design due to the multi-specification and customized characteristics of forging products. And once the supply relationship is determined, it will not be replaced. Therefore, the industry has higher barriers to entry and the layout is relatively stable; from the perspective of supply and demand, considering the increase in demand for engines brought about by the replacement and installation of new models of fighters in China, the proportion of superimposed engine localization has continued to increase, which is expected that the military engine industry will usher in a period of rapid development. Besides, forging purchases for international aviation engine manufacturing is gradually shifting to China, in which domestic forging enterprises may usher in greater development opportunities.

Paike New Material is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of metal forgings, which currently has some cores such as integrated precision rolling technology for special-shaped cross-section rings, special ring rolling technology, and super large diameter ring rolling technology. The downstream technology mainly covers aerospace, shipbuilding, electric power, and petrochemical industries. Paike New Material is one of the few domestic companies that can supply ring forgings in high-end fields such as aviation, aerospace, and ships, and it has also entered the supply chain systems of CASIC, CASC, and CSSC, with sufficient room for improvement in the future, and the military products business is expected to continue to maintain a relatively rapid growth rate.


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