Air Suspension System Has Accelerated Its Penetration in the Domestic Heavy Truck Field, And the Passenger Car Market Has Gradually Opened Up

Traditional suspension refers to a system composed of springs, shock absorbers, and connecting rods. These parts work together to keep the vehicle in contact with the road surface and maintain the traction of the vehicle. The suspension can also protect the vehicle itself, passengers, and any luggage from damage. The main difference between air suspension and the traditional suspension is that they have a damping structure set for a certain driving control, while the air suspension system uses an air compressor in combination with air struts and suspension airbags to control the feeling of driving.

The air suspension changes the length of the spring by changing the volume of the air chamber in the suspension structure, so that the distance from the ground can be adjusted, and the soft and hard characteristics can be adjusted to a certain extent. Besides, in the shock absorber part, the size of the vent is changed by the motor to adjust the damping force of the shock absorber.

Air Suspension Permeability of Heavy Trucks in European And American is High

At present, the air suspension industry is very mature in Europe and North America, in which the air suspension utilization rate of high-end large passenger cars has reached 100%, it has exceeded 80% on medium and heavy trucks and trailers and more than 40% in trucks, trailers and tractors. The main players in the overseas heavy truck air suspension market include MAN and BPW in Germany, Hendrickson and Ridewell in the United States, and WABCO in Belgium. The domestic heavy truck market is expected to gradually move closer to the stage of heavy trucks in Europe and the United States.

Domestic Heavy Truck Air Suspension Is Expected to Accelerate Development

There are mandatory regulations for the installation of air suspensions on transport vehicles for hazardous chemicals. In 2017, the "Technical Conditions for Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation" issued by the government mentioned that the rear axles of dangerous goods transport trucks with a total mass greater than or equal to 12,000kg, all dangerous goods transport semi-trailers, and three axles Barrier-type and warehouse-type semi-trailers should be equipped with air suspension, which will be formally implemented on January 1, 2020, the first time that the country has mandatory regulations on the installation of air suspension.

Regarding the replacement of the national VI, in June 2018, the Heavy Diesel Vehicle Pollutant Emission Limits and Measurement issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment stipulates that the National VI standards for light vehicles and heavy-duty diesel vehicles are divided into two parts, National VI a and National VI b, which are implemented step by step. We believe that the policy implementation about the truck installation of air suspension is similar to the national VI implementation, that is, the first is the installation of hazardous chemical transport vehicles, and then gradually promoted to heavy, medium, and light trucks. Therefore, we expect that the domestic heavy-duty truck air suspension installation guidelines are expected to be introduced in recent years, and the heavy-duty air suspension industry is expected to usher in rapid development.

The main players in domestic heavy-duty truck suspensions include Shanghai Komman, Meichen Industry, and Tianrun Industry.

Tianrun Industry has obvious advantages over comparable companies in terms of company scale and R&D investment. We believe these advantages can provide greater support for the company's new business development of air suspension.

The Passenger Car Air Suspension  Market Is Only Equipped with Luxury Cars, But It Is Expected to Penetrate Further in the Future

The air suspension system has been widely used in trucks due to its advantages of lightweight, flexibility, and stability. However, due to its high price, the passenger car air suspension system is mainly used in the field of luxury cars in passenger cars.

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Electric vehicles equipped with air suspension can lower the ground clearance of the chassis when driving at high speeds, reduce energy consumption, and help the car have a higher cruising range. As the air suspension has less metal part, the overall weight is also reduced, which also helps electric vehicles achieve lower energy consumption. Under the general trend of increasingly lightweight, modular, and electronic automobile structures, the automobile market has a greater demand for air suspension systems.

Because the cost of the air suspension system is pretty high, the domestic market has not been opened for a long time. Anhui Anmeike, a subsidiary of AMK China subordinated to the Zhongding Sealing, has obtained two orders of the air suspension in succession, providing confidence to open up the domestic market of air suspension system and laying the foundation for the localization of air suspension systems.

AMK is a global high-end supplier of automotive air suspension system products, whose supporting customers in German include high-end customers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. This Weilai designated project is the second time that AMK China's subsidiary Anhui Anmeike follows Weilai Automobile. The second mass production order was obtained, and the total life cycle amount was 127 million yuan. We believe that the win of Dongfeng's order for the air suspension system is another breakthrough in the company's domestic production of air suspension systems.

After years of accumulation, AMK has achieved the highest level of technology in the world, which will have cost advantages through this Localization. As one of the few domestic system integrators with air suspension development and integration, Anhui Anmeike has a certain degree of scarcity. As new projects continue to be mass-produced and the cost advantage is prominent, it is expected to be recognized by more other high-end new energy and luxury brands in the future, which contributes to its growth.


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