The Continuously Rising Demand for Modified Plastics

Modified plastics refer to plastics that are processed and modified on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics to make them have more superior properties such as flame retardancy, impact resistance, high toughness, and ease of processing.

Good Prospects for Automotive ECU Integration

By growing acceptance of advanced safety systems and assisted driver assistance functions, features such as blind spot detection, and automatic emergency braking at lower costs are expected to drive the growth of the automotive ECU market.

Unsaturated Polyester Resin with Wide Application

Unsaturated polyester resin has the advantages of heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, electrical insulation and excellent process performance, so it is often used as the matrix material of composite materials and is widely used in transportation, basic engineering, build...

The Trend of Intelligence Is Unstoppable, And the Controller Has Unlimited Prospects

Intelligent controller is the most advanced form of controller at this stage. It takes microcontroller chip or digital signal processor chip as the core, containing integrated computer software, circuit hardware, and integrates automatic control.

The Injection Molding Machine Market Is Vast

Injection molding machine is a mechanical equipment that can make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products through plastic molding molds. It has the ability to produce plastic products with one-time molding, complex appearance, accurate size, or with metal inserts.

Broad Market for High-End Machine Tools

Machine tools are machines that process metal blanks into machine parts, which have a very important strategic significance for improving a country's manufacturing level.

The Demand for Decoration Is Stable, And the Industry Concentration Needs to Be Improved

With the advancement of urbanization and the improvement of consumption concepts, the public's attitude towards the long-term home environment has changed, which has promoted the rapid development of China's building decoration industry.

Heavy Trucks and Light Trucks Provide Power for the Crankshaft Market

The power of the internal combustion engine and the entire mechanical system comes from the rotation of the crankshaft, so the crankshaft is also called the heart of the internal combustion engine.

The Fuel Oil Market Is Expected to be Full of Energy This Year

Fuel oil is the final product of oil refining and has strong characteristics in product quality control. The final formation of fuel oil products is limited by many factors, such as the type of crude oil, processing technology, and processing depth. Fuel oil is widely used in power generation, marine boiler fu...

Biosensing Market Growth Is Expected to Be Driven by Wearable Devices

As the population of chronic diseases continues to increase, real-time and convenient monitoring of the disease becomes particularly important. Therefore, biosensors capable of detecting molecular signals have emerged. Such sensors have gradually occupied the medical market by virtue of the advantages of fast ...

The Downstream Demand of the RFID Industry Is Strong

Data show that from 2014 to 2019, the global RFID market has continued to grow. In 2019, the global RFID market is close to US$40 billion.

The Mass Spectrometer Market Is Vast, And There Is Still A Lot of Room for Domestic Manufacturers to Increase

The mass spectrometer is a type of instrument that ionizes material particles into ions, separates them by an appropriate electric or magnetic field, and detects their strength for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Smart Warehousing Is Imperative

Smart warehousing aims to use software technology, Internet technology, and radio frequency identification, as well as advanced equipment to provide the overall intelligence of warehousing operations.

Cobalt Downstream Market Is Growing, And Industry Supply and Demand Are Tight

Cobalt is non-renewable and the reserves are relatively concentrated. In the context of market recovery and tight supply, cobalt prices have continued to rise in recent months. In the long run, the market demand for cobalt remains strong and the industry is expected to maintain steady growth.

The Strategic Value of Rare Earth Appears

Rare earth is the general term for 17 metal elements. As early as the end of the 18th century, there were many studies on rare earths abroad. It was not until the middle of the last century that scholars in the industry completed the entire development history of the 17 rare earth elements. Scientists agree th...

Automobile Braking System: Stop the Disaster and Move Towards Intelligence

The automobile brake system consists of a series of special devices that slow down or stop a driving car, or stabilize the speed of the car when it goes downhill, and keep the stopped car stable, providing an important guarantee for car driving safety.

The PVA Leaders Are Promising

With its unique properties such as strong adhesion, film flexibility, oil resistance, and solvent resistance, PVA is used in the production of adhesives, new building materials, and dispersants, with a wide range of applications, including the textile industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry, a...

The Domestic Progress of Photovoltaic Film Is Gratifying, And It Continues to Move Towards High-End Products

As a gift from the sun, solar photovoltaic power generation is a sustainable and clean energy source. Driven by the energy situation and technology, the global photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Adhesive film is a kind of packaging material for photovoltaic modules. It is placed betwe...

The Internet of Things Covers a Wide Range, And the APU Market Ushered in an Opportunity

APU is a very large-scale integrated circuit that expands audio and video functions and special interfaces on the basis of low-power central processing units. It plays a role in computing and calling other functional components in smart devices, and integrates central processing.

The Importance of Heat Dissipation Continues to Increase

With the advancement of science and technology and the transformation of people's consumption concepts, the public's requirements for electronic products are gradually becoming thinner, more fashionable, and more versatile.

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