UHV Shows an Accelerated Layout

The rich photovoltaic resources and solar energy in the northwest are difficult to be transported to all parts of the country by railway, so it is high time to find other ways to transport resources to meet our demand. The introduction of UHV ...

A Global Connection: Data Center

At this time, huge information enters data centers to be centralized and saved, which puts forward higher requirements for existing data center facilities. We believe the construction of the deeper data centers has become inevitable.

Charging Pile of New Energy Vehicle Turns Towards the Center of the Stage

With the improvement of our lives and the gradualmotorization of the way of travel, the number of private cars has increasedover the years. Because the traditional automobile uses oil as fuel, it notonly wastes a lot of precious resources b

Intelligent Transportation is Imperativ

In 2019, the holding scale of private cars in China exceeds 200 million, which will continue to grow in the future. It is urgent to optimize traffic management.

AI is Moving Forward

The epidemic is a challenge even an opportunity forAI, which plays a significant role in the fight against COVID-19 to disinfect,delivery, and stand guard at the highway at the front, decreasing the risk ofthe medical staff infected、

One of New Infrastructures:5G

5G refers to the fifth generation of mobilecommunication technology, which is an extension of 4G. It is hundreds of times faster than 4G intransmission speed, reaching 10Gb/s, equivalent to the download speed of 1.25Gb/s.5G is a fusion body

Market Scale with Huge Potential from $28 Million to $257 Million

In 1975, Bartlett, from the University of MichiganSchool of Medicine, cured an infant successfully with persistent fetalcirculation in ECMO. Until the 1980s, ECMO was considered into the constructionof ICU. Under this epidemic. ECMO has sav

Online Office Industry with Strong Development under the Epidemic

Long Silent Online Office has Growing In the early 1980s, many foreign scholars developed many efficient and convenient software and hardware equipment for the OA system under the deep research on OA system-related fields. In the late 1980s

Chinese Waste Classification: Penetration of Food Waste Disposers Will Increase

OnJuly 1st, the new regulations for waste classification in Shanghai began to beimplemented. Many residents chose to purchase Food Waste Disposers (FWD) toreduce the trouble of garbage sorting. In the press conference held recently,the Dire

Blue Sea under the Garbage Classification

China'sgarbage classification can be traced back to July 1957. At the time, theheadline of Beijing Daily published the article ‘Garbage should beCollected after Classification’, calling on Beijing residents to sort andrecycle garbage. I

A Sight into Global Semiconductor Materials Market

Dueto the development of new technologies such as 5G, new energy vehicles and theInternet of Things, semiconductor industry is gradually picking up. In 2017,the global semiconductor materials market resumed growth, with a global marketsize

Semiconductor: Packaging and Testing Equipment

Afterthe commercialization of 5G network, demand for most products of 5G industrychain is growing rapidly. Since 5G mobile phone is equipped with 5G chip, thepackaging and testing equipment needs to be updated, therefore manufacturers ofpac

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Foundry

Afterentering 2019, the semiconductor industry failed to maintain its high growthlast year. In the first quarter, the global wafer foundry sales revenuedeclined by 16% compared with the same period in 2018, and the world's topseven companie

Semiconductor Material: Silicon Wafer

The rumors of insufficient supply of 8-inch wafers have been long-standing, and the news of a mighty sharp price increase is on the rise. At a time when 12-inch wafers have been put into mass production, this seems to be against the trend o

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Integrated Circuit Process

Recently,Intel announced that it will suspend the upgrade of a fab in Israel – a 10nmand 7nm process plant which planned to cost 11 billion USD in thepre-construction. This reason might be the presence of 10nm and 7nm processes,or the pri

Industrial Transfer Brings more Opportunities for Sputtering Target Enterprises in China

The semiconductor industry is now transferring to mainland China, and several sputtering target manufacturers in China have expanded their production. On the 20 th of December, KFMI held a groundbreaking ceremony for the industrialization p

China Online Game Live Broadcast Industry: Leading Players are Enjoying the Benefit

Notlong ago, the Panda Live officially posted a picture with a panda saying "Bye",and was closed subsequently. After the explosive growth in 2016, China’s onlinegame live broadcast industry gradually subsided and the industry began toretu

White-spirits Market is Welcoming the Boom Season Again

WithChinese lunar New Year in the corner, Jiugui Liquor has fallen into theovercast cloud of cyclamate due to the report of its former dealer. Until the23 rd of December, the market value of Jiugui Liquor has evaporatedabout 1.2 billion Yua

Craft Beer Breaks the Prisoner's Dilemma in China's Beer Industry

Picture of Panda Brew on its website Inrecent years, craft beer has become more and more popular among consumers dueto its rich variety, taste and personalized consumption scene. Inorder to promote the standardized development of the domest

Hemp in Trend, High-tech is Essential

TillJanuary 2019, 41 countries worldwide have legalized the medical use of hemp,and more than 50 countries made CBD legitimate. Hemp has inevitably become apopular industry. Although China has not legalizing the application of hemp,Yunnan P

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