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Digital Transformation

In order to survive and develop in the changing market, companies need to experience digital transformation. Different companies possess different origin, technology, and business. The meaning of digital transformation is redefining business not convert offline information to online. Also, the aim of digital transformation is to focus on the transformation of automation and artificial intelligence, not just keep eyes on cost decreasing and benefit increasing.

Pricing Analysis

The pricing analysis of Global Market Monitor includes the research and evaluation of product price trends over a period of time, the unique advantages of competitors in the industry, the prices of relevant products in the market, as well as the views and affordability of end-users on product prices. We will use three pricing theories (psychological pricing, dynamic pricing, and value pricing) in combination with actual data analysis to provide you with the most appropriate price.

Marketing Strategy

We develop different models of marketing strategy according to actual company situations. The purpose of our marketing strategy is to help our customers create, acquire and maintain customer resources. In addition, they will take a long-term perspective to help customers effectively win in the market and stay ahead of competitors.

Business Consulting

Global Market Monitor gathered many experts who possess rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. They cooperate closely with customers, investigate deeply to the enterprise field, apply science approaches to find out existing problems in the enterprise management strategy and the operation, and analysis the reason of the problem then gives suitable feasibility plan. Also, they offer implementation and follow-up results tracking service after customer adopted and optimized the consulting plan.

Elites Teams

Unity is Strength. We look forward to cooperating with you!

-- Global Market Monitor Consulting Teams

“Global Market Monitor consulting teams gather elites from various industries with different backgrounds, mainly responsible for the development of the company's consulting business. with rich industry knowledge and consulting skills, profound insights into the operation theory of data growth, and excellent data and information processing ability. The consultant team has been continuously engaged in the consulting industry for ten years and has won highly positive feedback from customers.”

-- Global Market Monitor Consultant

"It is still hard to predict the global stable situation of novel coronavirus outbreak in 2020. In terms of the overall economic environment of China, the development of the offline market is inferior to the online market except for the rigid demand industry, and the economic downturn is inevitable in the short and medium-term. We're going to focus on which new powers will emerge from this outbreak."

-- Global Market Monitor Engineering Teams

“Global Market Monitor network engineering teams have a wealth of experience and deep technical background. Successfully helped promote the development of network development planning, network precision construction and other aspects of Global Market Monitor, and has professional knowledge and unique insights on the development and evolution of network technology, network construction management and other aspects.”

Beyond Consulting, Future is Feasible

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