Assisted Reproduction Is Gaining More Attention, And the Private Centers Have Great Room for Development

The WHO predicts that infertility will be listed as one of the three major human diseases in the 21st century, second only to tumors and cardiovascular diseases. Assisted reproductive technology is a method of treating infertility, including artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer.

Detection Equipment for the COVID-19 Is a Focus, Domestic Chemiluminescence Is at the Time

The central government requested that the scope of testing be expanded. However, the existing testing methods cannot meet the rapidly growing demand for the COVID-19, thus, companies and laboratories have begun to develop other immunological testing programs.

Is There Room for Growth in Walkie-Talkies? Will It Be Replaced?

With the rapid popularity of smartphones, people's demand for walkie-talkies is no longer as strong as before. However, as smartphones continue to "absorb hundreds of rivers" and carry more functions, some manufacturers have begun to consider whether mobile phones can ban walkie-talkies and form mobile phones ...

The Market of Biomedical Cryogenic Storage Continues to Expand: By Biosafety Legislation and Epidemic Catalysis

Biomedical cryogenic storage equipment is a specialized product of cryogenic storage equipment in the biomedical field, widely used in hospitals, disease control centers, testing centers, biopharmaceutical companies, and scientific research institutes for biological samples, blood products, vaccines, and medic...

The PKI Market Continues to Penetrate, And the Industry Structure Is Stable and Optimized

With the advent of the Internet, our lives have gradually moved from the real world to the virtual world of the network. More and more electronic activities in the virtual world rely on network activities for storage, dissemination, and interaction, in which the most important problem we face is network securi...

Fuel Cell: Hydrogen Production

On the road of pursuing energy-saving and low carbon, hydrogen energy has become an area concerned by the global for its excellent performance. How to ensure sufficient sources of hydrogen energy is the key to promote the hydrogen energy society in the world, which is also a focus that many countries are optim...

The Fuel Cell: Hydrogen Refueling Station

The fuel refueling station is to is fuel cell vehicle what is a gas station to the traditional fuel-consuming cars and a charging station to new energy electric vehicle, which is an essential cornerstone for the development of fuel cell vehicle industrialization.

The Supply-Demand Relationship in the Soda Ash Industry Is Tensive, And Product Prices Are Expected to Rise

Affected by the epidemic, the operating rate of the soda ash industry has dropped sharply, while the downstream demand market has steadily increased. The mismatch of the supply and demand structure of the domestic soda ash industry is prominent. With the gradual recovery of construction in the later period, th...

The 3D Printing Industry Continues to Expand, And Metal 3D Printing Is Developing Strongly

The Fourth Industrial Revolution was rapidly unfolding on a global scale, in which various advanced technologies flourished and complemented each other. 3D printing technology is one of the representative technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. Much wealth created by 3D printing technology in various...

The New Track of Fast Charging and Wireless Charging, With Countless Possibilities to Be Presented

If the two solutions can be perfectly combined, it will be a breakthrough in charging methods. We believe that wireless fast charging will gradually become popular in the future. It may not be impossible for devices to achieve autonomous adjustment of the charging mode in appropriate scenarios.

Air Suspension System Has Accelerated Its Penetration in the Domestic Heavy Truck Field, And the Passenger Car Market Has Gradually Opened Up

The main difference between air suspension and the traditional suspension is that they have a damping structure set for a certain driving control, while the air suspension system uses an air compressor in combination with air struts and suspension airbags to control the feeling of driving.

Opportunities Brought by DCEP

IMF refers to digital currency as Central Bank Digital Currency, and DCEP is a unique expression for internal research and development of China's central bank.

The Global Automotive Design Industry Continues to Develop, And Professional Design and Development Is More Important

From a global perspective, the shape and style of automobiles develop and evolve in the continuous fusion of culture and technology. Due to the differences in regions and cultures, the automobile shapes of various countries have their own unique styles, which largely determines the development characteristics ...

Electric Drive and Turbo Fracturing Equipment Are Currently the Main Options for Reducing Costs, which Will Also Be the Mainstream in the Future

Cost reduction has become an important entry point for all companies, which stems from the current oil prices forcing shale oil and gas manufacturers to further reduce operating costs to obtain more profits. The link that accounts for the largest proportion of costs in the process of shale oil and gas exploita...

The Turbocharger Market Has A Strong Monopoly, Which Waits for Some Time to Reform

The main function of turbocharging is to increase the air intake of the engine, thereby increasing engine power and torque. Turbocharging technology can improve the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines by nearly 20% and the fuel efficiency of diesel engines by nearly 40%. Driven by the policy of energy-saving a...

Sludge Treatment and Disposal Are on the Agenda

With the improvement of the economy and the urbanization, sludge production has been increasing as the domestic sewage discharge shows an upward trend, in which the processing rate of sewage discharge is generally above 95% while sludge treatment is not as optimistic as sewage treatment.

Driven by Multiple Downstream Sectors, the 3D Glass Market Grows Steadily

3D glass is a flat glass that is bent by cold grinding, hot melt pressing, and hot melt bending to form a curved surface on both sides of the flat glass, with some strengths of light and thin, transparent and clean, anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant.

The Landing of AR Leads 3D Sensing to A Better Realm

3D sensing technology is mainly divided into structured light, TOF, and binocular vision, in which different technical routes determine the accuracy curve and then the application scenarios.

Changes in Electrical and Electronic Architecture Become Inevitable as the Development of Intelligent Networked Vehicles Is Booming

ECU is an electronic control unit, a special microcomputer controller for automobiles, which controls all electronic equipment on the vehicle and the driving state of the vehicle through sensors, actuators, and buses. The more complex the vehicle function, the more ECUs are required.

The Distribution Network Market Has Become Another Growth Point for HPLC Industry

HPLC is a high-speed power line carrier, also known as broadband power line carrier, working for data transmission on low-voltage power lines. The broadband power line carrier communication network uses the power line as the communication medium to realize the gathering, transmission´╝î and interaction of elec...

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